Automatic intelligence Manned Belt conveyor Escalators & moving walkways

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Product Overview


Product Description

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This is a kind of equipment for transporting people.



Ski resort magic carpet is composed of actuating device, circuitous device, intermediate section, conveyor belt and electric control cabinet and other components.

Driving device

Volume: (length X width X height) 2380 X 2100 X 945 mm.

It is located on the top of the magic carpet, which is composed of the box, the brake motor, the speed reducer, the drive roller, the brush roller, the steering roller,the carrier roller and some other components.

Detour device

Volume: (length X width X height) 2700 X 1544 X 560 mm.

It is located in the bottom of the magic carpet, which is composed by the box, tightening device, correction device, carrier roller and other components.

Intermediate section

Volume: (length X width X height) 3000 X 1064 X 210 mm.

A number of intermediate sections are equipped according to the total length of the magic carpet.Stainless steel rollers are installed on the intermediate sections and the feet and height adjusting screws are installed under the intermediate sections.

Conveyer belt

Width: 600mm/Thickness: 8.5mm.

Its length is equipped according to the length of the magic carpet.Made of natural rubber and three layers of ER skeleton,the surface  of the conveyor belt is patterned to prevent slip,and it is softly connected by hinged steel wire.

Electric control cabinet

It is installed on the top of the top station of the magic carpet,and the entire magic carpet electrical control system is installed here. The device has PLC intelligent program industrial control, frequency changer and touch screen operation.

With intelligent control energy-saving features:

1)It can automatically record the number of passengers.

2)With timeout stop function: if a visitor's stagnation time at the exit exceeds the normal time value, the automatic emergency brake will start.

3)If no one is standing on it, the frequency conversion will decelerate to stop automatically;If someone stands on it, the automatic frequency conversion will start to its original speed.

Table 1:Magic carpet technical specifications

























Belt:width *thickness(mm)









The above is the general power , the actual power will vary greatly according to the gradient and length of the magic carpet.

Table 2:Belt speed




Conveying speed


Speed range: 0.0 ~ 1.0m / s;


Normal running speed: 0.3 ~ 0.8m / s;


The best energy efficiency ratio speed: 0.75 ~ 0.9 m / s;


Maintenance speed: less than 0.3 m / s


Table 3:Working conditions

Power supply condition

AC 380V ± 38V 50Hz±1Hz ;TN-S

Ambient temperature

-30°C  ~ +30°C

Relative humidity


Barometric pressure

86KPa106 KPa

Table 4:Heating device


Heating device


Material: constantan 50W / m

Heating position: the bottom of driving device + the bottom of detour device + intermediate section

Table 5:Transport capacity

Transport Capacity

1200 skiers/hour or 2400 walkers/hour

Product Display

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Company Information




In 2001, Jin 'an Machinery was established, and in 2014, Henan Jin 'an Machinery Technology Co., LTD was formally established.It is located at the foot of Songshan Mountain, the central Plains of China, between Zhengzhou, the transportation hub, and Luoyang, the ancient capital of nine dynasties. The production base covers an area of about 5 hectares, with a construction area of 20,000 square meters.The company has more than 150 employees, including 4 senior engineers, more than 10 engineers, 40 professional and technical personnel. It's the domestic industry leader. It has 55% market share in snow making equipment market. Over the years, NORTEC has been a leader in innovation and intelligent development.

Up to now, we provide more than 300 domestic customers with snow and ice equipment and related services, OEM and ODM services for well-known ski brands from North America, Europe and Asia, and constantly strive to develop our own brands, looking forward to win-win cooperation with customers at home and abroad!

Since its establishment,the company has been committed to the high-end market of ice and snow sports equipment industry,providing high-quality snow making services for hundreds of ski resorts at home and abroad,and has been recognized and praised by the majority of customers in the snow and ice industry.Its production of snow equipment,magic carpet conveying equipment,snowboard in the leading position in the country and it is also the domestic production and sales of snow equipment and skiing sports goods enterprises.At present,60% of the products produced by enterprises are exported.

The snow making equipment independently developed by the company has been tested and applied in large ski resorts such as Wanlong Ski Resort,site of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China,Jilin Beida pot Ski Resort,Yabuli ski Resort and other large ski resorts,meanwhile,the snow making equipment and the Ski resort and scenic magic carpet transport equipment have also been exported to Russia,South Korea,North Korea,Japan and other countries.

In recent years,the snow-making equipment NORTEC brand of Jin'an Technology Company has won the award of the most trusted ski resort equipment brand in the International Winter Sports Beijing Expo,and the company has won the awards of innovative products and the top design in the Beijing Expo.





Our Services

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 1)Pre-sales service

Accept customization! After fully understanding customers' requirements for Magic carpet, site requirements and customer investment cost budgets, customized the most appropriate equipment.

2)Sales services for customers

1.Check and accept devices with you.

2.Provide training on how to install and use machines and It can be trained according to the instruction manual or by video.

3)After-sales service

The after-sales service team is composed of experienced technical engineers in the industry to provide consulting services for customers. When the Magic carpet system fails, it can quickly find and analyze problems and respond to the maintenance needs in the first time.

1. Guarantee for a year.

2. Provide maintenance service for the whole service life (excluding freight, spare parts and labor costs)




1.Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we are one of the leading manufacturers.

2.Can you do OEM orders?

Yes,we can do OEM for your orders . Welcome to your orders and please feel free to come and visit our factory.

3.What about the lead time for mass production?

To be honest, it depends on the number of orders and the season in which you place them.

4.How about the quality of your products?

Our products are manufactured in strict accordance with enterprise standards, widely praised by customers at home and abroad.

5.How about the price?

As a factory, we can offer more reasonable and honest prices.

6.What is your terms of delivery?

We accept EXW, FOB Shanghai ,FOB Qingdao or FOB Tianjin. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.

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