Beiste AH 360kw 500kg electric steam boiler generator laundry electric steam boiler for industrial steam maker

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1. How large is your factory and how many years of experience do you have?
Our factory occupies 40,000 square meters, and our company has branches in Guangzhou, Wuhan, and Hunan with 21 years of steam generator manufacturing experience, and has more than 30 steam generator invention patents.
2. Do you have ISO9001 and CE certificates?
Yes, we have.
3. Is your tank safe?
We use Q245R carbon steel for steam generators, which is twice as thick as the industry, with stable pressure, sufficient steam, and high safety.
4. Do you support customized voltage, pressure, size and steam volume?
Yes, we support, and size can be customized according to the voltage of the country of use.
5. Does your steam generator have the steam generator qualification officially authorized by China?
Yes, we have China's Class B boiler manufacturing qualification, and only five companies in China hold this qualification.
6. Can your steam generator adjust the temperature and pressure?
Yes, our saturated steam temperature is 171℃, and the rated pressure is 0.7Mpa, both of which can be adjusted downwards.
7. Can you make a superheated steam generator?
Yes, we can adjust the overheating temperature above 220℃, and the rated pressure can be adjusted above 1Mpa.

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