IFGS.COM API 15LR GRE GRP FRP fiberglass pipe tubing tube prices for oil well

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Product Overview


API 15LR fiberglass pipe prices for oil well and geothermal well


We are a leading manufacturer of technically advanced fiberglass pipe and tanks in china. Fiberglass pipe, commonly referred to as Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE), is the material of choice for demanding oilfield applications.
Our  Oilfield fiberglass line pipe is available in diameters of 2-inch to 12-inch (50 mm to 300 mm) and in pressure classes of 300 psig to 3000 psig (20 barg to 206 barg). Pipe sections are assembled using the specail  joint. As the piping system weights about a quarter to one-eighth of the equivalent steel pipeline, it requires substantially smaller lifting equipment and a typical installation crew of three to six, depending on diameter.


Product Description



Our GRE oil pipes and fittings had already certificated by API 15HR and API 15LR.

a. Diameter Range: 43.5mm - 1638mm (1" - 40")
b. Rated Pressure Range:3.45- 34.5MPa
c. Max. Operating Temperature: 110℃


It is glassfiber reinforced thermonsetting resin pipeline manufactured by micro-controlled filament winding of expoxy resin and high- strength glassfiber roving.


Production range:


2.Pressure rating:3.45Mpa-34.5Mpa

Production standard: API 15HR-2001 /SY/T6267-2006  for high pressure fiberglass line pipe.

Range for  Application:

1.Wastewater transmission or wastewater treatment pipeline;

2.High-pressure delivery line for petroleum, natual gas, saline water, CO2 and H2S 3.Connecting pipes for storage tanks and fire hoses.



Uses and Applications
•     Crude oil transmission lines
•     Gas transmission lines
•     Oilfield re-injection lines
•     Brine, saltwater and seawater lines
•     Potable water transport lines
•     Brackish water transport lines
•     Wastewater and sewage systems
•     Drainage lines
•     General industrial service for mildly corrosive liquids

our fiberglass pipe laminate meets the requirement of API specification API 15LR and API 15HR. Pipe and fittings have a liner thickness of 0.25mm. Pipe with no liner is available upon request. The pipe wall thickness established in this catalogue is based on design temperature of 93°C. Contact for higher application temperatures.
Maximum operating Temperature: 93 °C





 What is the difference between GRE and GRP pipes?

The main difference between the GRE and GRP is the resin used for bonding the glass fiber. GRP pipe used Isophthalic Resin whereas GRE pipe used Epoxy Resin. Pipes are used for industrial application, as it can withstand higher temperature compare to GRP pipe.


What is the difference between GRP and FRP?
Fibreglass or GRP is a composite material made out of glass fibres and uses polyester, vinyl, or epoxy as the polymer. ... In a nutshell, if the fibre of composite is glass, it is known as GRP( Glass reinforced plastic). Fibreglass(GRP) is one type of FRP.


What is difference between GRP and FRP?
Polymer matrix holds the fibres in their position and transfers the loads between the fibres. ... In a nutshell, if the fibre of composite is glass, it is known as GRP( Glass reinforced plastic). Fibreglass(GRP) is one type of FRP.


What is difference between API SPEC 15HR and API SPEC 15LR ?
API SPEC 15HR is standard for High-pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe. API SPEC 15LR standard for low-pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe.

We have both of them.



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