25m 80 Passengers Aluminum LUXURY Super Yacht for sale

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Price:$150,000.00 - $320,000.00
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Product Overview


Private Customized 60 Feet Best Electric Catamaran Boats Luxury Yacht

Product Description

Luxury Yacht
Yacht is a kind of high-grade durable consumer goods for water entertainment. It integrates navigation, sports, entertainment, leisure and other functions to meet the needs of individuals and families to enjoy life. In developed countries, yachts are mostly privately owned like cars, while in developing countries, yachts are mostly used as business items in parks and tourist attractions for people to consume, and a small amount is also used as a means of work for port supervision, public security and border defense. The essential feature that yacht is a recreational tool makes it different from high-speed boats and tourist boats as means of transportation. Yachts will be the next generation of consumer durables entering the home, just like cars.

Product Application

Boats Luxury Yacht
The yacht can be used for business negotiation, vacation travel, fishing, party, etc.

Technical Parameters

12 person

Product Details

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The Standard Configuration
The yacht is generally equipped with the following functions: the interior space on the lower level has a master bedroom, guest room and bathroom; the middle level has a living room, cockpit and kitchen, and the deck platform of the tailgate road; the upper level has an open-air observation deck and a bridge, in order to protect from sun and rain. Generally, a soft canopy is also set up; in terms of power and technology, it is equipped with engines, generators, radars, professional instruments and meters, telephone communication equipment, air-conditioning equipment, household appliances, and even satellite navigation systems. On the whole, the yacht is a floating apartment on the sea that integrates modern office and family leisure. It has overall functional characteristics at sea. It can be used for family leisure life, and can be used for friends gathering or entertaining friends and customers. It fully reflects the high quality of modern life and the high taste of people. According to different functions, the facilities inside are also slightly different. Sports models are generally equipped with high-power engines, while the facilities inside may be simpler, while leisure-type yachts will pay more attention to family taste, such as: kitchen, guest room, karaoke OK equipment, video game room, extended fishing stern, etc. to meet the family atmosphere when relaxing. The interior decoration of the large yacht is very high-end and luxurious, and it pays more attention to the supporting installation of communication equipment, conference equipment and office equipment, which fully reflects the needs of modern enterprises.

Yacht supporting equipment also includes: yacht sewage treatment system, life-saving fire safety system.

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