Multipurpose bulk Laundry Soap noodles laundry bar soap 1kg

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Product Overview


For Face Cleaning

For Hands Cleaning

For Clothes Cleaning

Wall-Mounted Rotating Soaps

These traditional wall mounted soap dispensers are so on trend. The perfect combination of useful, stylish and long lasting.

Enhance your daily shower and your bathroom decoration with our rotating wall-mounted soap dispenser and soap refills. Not only do they allow for easier washing when you're in a hurry, but they also create an authentic aesthetic. These soaps have been triple-milled for a creamier texture and a longer-lasting bar and are packed with organic shea butter for the softest skin.

These bar soap holder refills are suitable for all traditional wall-mounted rotating soap brackets.

Hang it in the shower so as to won't go slip-sliding away when showering in a hurry. Or keep it in the kitchen to rehydrate your dry dish-washer's hands.

Product Parameters

Product name
Kinds Of Soaps

Main function
For skin cleaning Application:
Remove ance,anti-wrinkle,anti aging
Skin whitening,skin care
Anti-allergy,moistrizing and repair.
Control oil,detox
For clothes cleaning Application: 
Remove blood stains
Remove sweat stains
Remove milk stains 
Remove urine stains 
Remove all kindsof odors
The clothes are soft and comfortable with a pleasant fragrance after washing
Main ingredients
Plant soap base, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Glycerin, Fatty acid, water glass, sodium silicate, perfume, dye, etc
Lemon, Flower, Fruit, Lavender, Jasmine,etc.
50000 pcs
80g, 100g, 125g, 150g, 200g, 275g, 300g per piece or customized.
Shelf life
24 months Keep in cool/dry place.
Packing details
1.Bulk packing,canton;
2.Box packing with your brand label is available;

Production Video

Six Raw Materials For Our Soaps

Coconut oil
It is rich in protein and vitamins B, E,C, potassium, calcium,
magnesium, etc., we choose Coconut Extract from the Philippines.
Spanish olive oil
It is rich in squalene and fatty acid that is excellent affinity with the skin, also is better cleansing effect.
Pure essential oils
They are refined and extracted from flowers and plants originated from an organic planting base, in a low-temperature aseptic environment, through low-temperature cold-pressing technology.

Goat milk
It is delicate and smooth, and can soften the fabric fibers very well, making the washed clothes softer and smoother, gentle and skin-friendly.
Organic Flower Oil
The extraction requirements of organic flower oil are extremely strict, and the extraction mode of solvent extraction and alcohol extraction is rejected to ensure the quality of flower oil.
Plant soap base
Clean up stubborn mites and bacteria, plant high-activity acaricides, root-source clearing acne and mites.

Five Advantages of Our Soaps

Five Advantages
The fat-soluble ingredients in olive oil can quickly dissolve stains and remove stubborn stains powerfully.
The waxy ingredients in flowers and grass can form a protective film on clothing to protect fabric fibers from damage and prevent clothing from fading.
Spanish Coconut oil can soften the fabric and make the clothes to be silky smooth, soft and skin-friendly.
The essential oils contained can also relieve stress and help sleep, remove odors and make you feel happy.
Multi-purpose soap, it can wash clothes, face, bath and for baby use, etc.

1.Are you a professional manufacturer with export experience?
We are 19 years manufacturing experience & 10 years export experience in China.

2. Different colors of soap available to choose?
Colors can be customized. White, Blue, Pink, green, brown, off-white, ivory white etc. Especially two-color soap is our patent, only we can produce such type.

3. Common package of soap
 In general the soap can be packed in polybags, color papers and also color box. It can be customized. We can make your own packing which printed your own brand/logo.

4. Sizes of the soap?
The size is 65g-300g/bar, it can be customized.

5. Different scents of soap available to choose?
The scents can be customized: fruit, flower, milk etc as customized.

6. Can you provide OEM/ODM service?
 Yes, OEM and ODM are available. We provide the artwork design service.

7. Can I use my own logo on packing and soap?
  Of course, you can.

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