Boutique hydro ball. hydrogen porous ceramic red clay ball bio porous filter media precision ceramic balls color hydroball.

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Product Overview



Product Name:
Ceramic particles
Processing services:
Consult customer service
Red, yellow, blue, green, black, gray, white, etc
Main specifications:
0.5-1mm、1-2mm、1-3mm、3-5mm、2-3mm etc.
Material Science:
Alumina ceramics 95% - 99.5% alumina
Industrial ceramics
Bright color, no fading, high-grade and beautiful, hard and firm, long service life and so on.
Advantages of non-skid pavement:
1. Quick and convenient construction; 
2. No need to change the road structure; 
3, bright color, according to user requirements to provide color, color stability; 
4, wear resistance, skid resistance; 
5. Used for traffic speed bumps with good visual and auditory effects.
Product description:
Ceramic particles have the characteristics of {anti-skid and wear-resistant, environmental protection and anti-corrosion, low water absorption, bright color, beautiful appearance, no fading, hard and firm, long service life, good reflectivity and so on.
Colored ceramic particle anti-skid pavement is mainly used for sidewalks in enterprise parks, urban bicycle lanes, expressway etc, expressway tunnels, gas station parking areas, slope curve anti-skid and diversion of urban roads.

Product Description


Q: How do I pay for my purchase order?
A: T/T and L/C are our usual practice.

Q: How do I get samples and how long does it take?
A: For A small number of samples, it's free, but air freight is to collect or pay our fee in advance. We often use international express and will deliver the goods at the appointed time.

Q: What's the minimum quantity?
A: The minimum order quantity is 1000 grams.

Q: Do you have a quality control system?
A: We have A quality control system for every step of the process. We have A control system from raw material to finished product.

Q: About the price.
A: The price is negotiable. It can be changed depending on your quantity or packaging. When you make your inquiry, please let us know the quantity you want.

Q: About warranty.
A: We are very confident in our products and we pack them well, so usually you receive them in perfect condition. Any quality problem, we will deal with it immediately.

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