SYSBEL 2022 New Product Factory Directly Sale Desktop Faucet Emergency Eye Wash Eyewash Stations

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1. The main material is ABS engineering plastic that meets the national standard. Yellow is the warning color.
2. All parts are made of ABS engineering plastic injection molding, which has a long service life and effectively improves the corrosion resistance of products such as acid, alkali, salt, and oil chemicals. It is suitable for use in environments with high acid-base concentration and strong corrosiveness.
3. The shower switch adopts a plastic three-piece switch. It has light torque, full-bore structure, which can ensure that the shower flow reaches the standard flow. When in use, pull down the shower lever, and the shower switch is turned on. Push the lever up after use, and the shower switch is turned off.
4. The eyewash hand push valve adopts a two-piece ball valve. The operating force is small, which is convenient for users to openquickly, and is more suitable for use in emergency situations. It has excellent wear resistance and sealing properties. The effective service life is more than 300,000 times.
5. The eyewash nozzle has a built-in multi-layer filter to effectively filter impurities in the water. It makes the water flow into a foamy water column, effectively preventing impurities in the water or secondary damage to the injured eye nerves and injured parts due to excessive water flow. The filter screen is easy to disassemble, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Product Name
Desktop faucet emergency eyewash station
Shanghai, China
 CE, ISO9001

Company Profile

SYSBEL® (Shanghai Sysbel Industry & Technology Co., Ltd. ) founded in 2009, as a high-tech enterprise which has a manufacturing factory of 5000 m2 and 120+ working staffs, it has been continuing to focus on the research and produce of the world's leading safety products for 12 years, including the Safety Containment Systems (SCS), Spill Prevention, Containment & Control (SPCC) and Eye Wash Systems (SPP).

SYSBEL series of products are strictly in accordance with OSHA, NFPA, ANSI and other related regulations and standards from R&D to production. After strict product testing, it has successively obtained FM, CSA, "CE" and "TUV" certification, becoming the first safety cabinet brand in China to obtain TUV certification.

At the same time, SYSBEL focuses on the quality control system, and obtained ISO9001:2015 international quality system
certification twice in 2016 and 2019, and has established a strict quality management process internally.

SYSBEL® 's core value: SYSBEL IS SAFETY.

We are committed to providing systematic safety guarantee in protecting employee safety, reducing fire risks and enhancing productivity. The innovative strategy keeps us one of the leading suppliers in the world. SYSBEL® Brand is well received by customers from domestics and abroad.

SYSBEL advocates openness, cooperation, and win-win, and cooperates with customers to innovate, expand the value of the industry, and form a healthy and benign industrial ecosystem.

SYSBEL® Has distributors all over the world, including Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East and America, etc. Which is
convenient for your purchase. SYSBEL® Is your reliable business partner!

Our Qualification

R & D capabilities:

Leading high-tech enterprise chemical storage industry which was the first company among its peers in China to obtain the FM
3 main production line and 400+ products with 20+international certificate and 30+ national honor certificate
20+ new products are launched every year

production capacity:

3 factories and warehouses, more than 1000 stuffs. Average monthly production of 2000+ safety storage cabinets, 5000+chemical
spill kits, 3000+eyewash stations and thousands of spill control pallets

Service capabilities:

SYSBEL has more than 12,600+ clients and 180+ partners around the world, and its product sales cover more than 100 countries
including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, etc. Our products are
widely used in biomedicine, education and scientific research. , industrial manufacturing, environmental protection, public
medical and other industries

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