Automatic 32 Wells Dna Real Time Testing Thermal Cycler Pcr Machine

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Product Overview


Product Description

Main Applications
* Basic scientific research
* Pathogen detection
* Public health safety epidemic monitoring
* Adulteration of meat products
* Genetically Modified testing
* Food safety testing
* Drug development and rational use
* Tumor precision treatment
* Gene expression
* Genetic screening
* Genotyping


Product Features

(1) Small, light, portable, highly sensitive and capable for most experiments.
(2) Dual independent and intelligent temperature control technology with high-brightness LED as excitation
light source.
(3) 32 x 0.2 ml reaction module, 4 fluorescent channels, suitable for most of the practical applications.\t
(4) So easy and quick to operate with the built-in computer and touch screen operation system.

Performance Parameters

32 wells of 0.2 ml each, suitable for single tube, 8 and 96 tube strips

Heating and cooling module
Peltier semiconductor thermoelectric module, dual independent temperature control and smart thermal compensation technology, fast and uniform heating and heat dissipation, uniform temperature among wells and no heat fringing effect.
Temperature modulation range
4℃ ~99℃
Ramp rate
Damp rate
Temperature control accuracy
Uniformity of temperature control
Fluorescent channels
4 channels

Excitation light spectrum
470nm±10nm/1st Channel 
525nm±10nm/2nd Channel 
570nm±10nm/3rd Channel 
628nm±10nm/4th Channel

Detection light spectrum
520nm±10nm/1st Channel 
570nm±10nm/2nd Channel 
628nm±10nm/3rd Channel 
670nm±10nm/4th Channel
Number of filter combinations
Excitation light source
High efficiency LED
Detection device
New optical detector with digital circuit control, stable optical signal
Fluorescence conduction mode
Space dedicated optical fiber
Supported dye
Full range of fluorescent quantitative PCR reagents or customized
Reaction volume
20-120 μl
Operation system
Detection number
Up to 128 samples in one run
Detection sensitivity
10~10⁹ copies per reaction, without contaminants among samples

Software function
Absolute quantification, relative quantification, end-point genotyping (Taqman probe method); melting curve genotyping (hybridization probe method), Tm value determination, and melting curve analysis function.
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Ambient relative humidity
Working voltage
100~240V, 50~60HZ

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