Chinese Traditional I Ching Culture Feng Shui Jewelry Pendant Natural Jade Carving Cicada For Bring Wisdom & Lucky

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Chinese Traditional I-Ching Feng Shui Culture

Product Name
Chinese Traditional I Ching Culture Feng Shui Jewelry Pendant, Natural Jade Carving Cicada For Bring Wisdom & Lucky
natural jade
Feng Shui pendant of Chinese I Ching culture
L4cm / W2cm / H2cm

Cicada's Chinese name is also known as "Zhiliao (know)", which means to know clearly. It means to be responsive in learning, make progress in learning and get high marks in exams. And because it can spread its wings and sing high after metamorphosis, which means that it has accumulated a lot and soared to the sky.
In mythology, cicada calls it Baize. It is a sacred animal with lofty status in ancient China and it is said it's the mounts of the legendary immortal Zhong Kui. Cicada can speak human language, understand the languages of all countries, know all ghosts and immortals, and expel ghosts and ghosts.
At the same time, the Chinese pronunciation of cicada is "chan (entanglement)”, which means that the source of wealth is endless.
The emerald cicada Pendant of Fate Blessed brand can be worn by students to bring quick thinking; Businessmen wear it, which can improve their fortune; People who often use their brains can improve their judgment, thinking and analysis ability and protect their career.

Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
A1: We are the largest and most famous cultural promotion enterprise of the book of changes in China and the trading company with the highest sales of Chinese Feng Shui cultural handicrafts in China, but we also have our own production plant.

Q2: What is your minimum order quantity?
A2: 1 piece. However, many Feng Shui statues must be in pairs, such as Pixiu, Kylin and so on.

Q3: Do you have custom orders?
A3: Acceptable. OEM / ODM are acceptable. We can design and customize according to the needs of customers. Please share your ideas or design drafts with us. The sample time and cost depend on your demand for products.

Q4: Can you provide samples?
A4: Of course, but the cost of samples and transportation should be supported by the customer. Samples can be sent within 3 days, and customized samples need more time.

Q5: What is the payment method?
A5: Please pay online.

Q6: What is the mode of transportation?
A6: We can adopt the transportation mode required by customers.

Q7: Is there anything else to remind me?
A7: Our jade products are carved with pure natural jade raw materials. The color and grain of natural jade can't be exactly the same, so our products can't guarantee the complete consistency in color, which is a very normal situation.
Each of our lucky objects have their own special desing, and all of them were opened at the Guandi temple in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, China, giving our products a strong spirit. We sell to high-end customers in the Chinese market, which is impossible for other brands in the industry. You may think our price is relatively high. If your customer is a high-end customer, we believe he will like our products very much!

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