Good price Support mix use high toughness dental 355 405 sla 3d printing rigid uv curable resin for figures 3d printing service

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  • SLA/LCD/DLP is the popular prototyping processes among product designers and is widely regarded as the first rapid prototyping process. It enables product designers to get their designs off the drawing board and on to the table quickly. SLA is a rapid prototyping process that is typically used early in the product development process. It produces parts with a quality and surface finish that is usually very good. The range of materials that can be used allows for a range of tolerances and property resilience.

  • ZS Photosensitive Resin are based on epoxy and acrylic systems with excelent properties :non-toxic, extremely fast curing ,low viscosity,good surface cure and flexible .

  • ZS advances materials manufacture high quality 3D resins at affordable price.

   Photosensitive Resin for 3D SLA Printer Description

  • High accuracy; High Strength; Hardness and smoothness surface 

  • Mainly for  high-precision stereolithography 3D printing and SLA rapid prototyping system Especially Sutiable for Led light source (355nm or 405nm) 

  • Light &Heat sentitive. Shake well before use. Store in a cool & dry place;keep away from sunlight and room light under 28ºC.Shelf life:6 Months


  • Areas of application : Aerospace, Industrial manufacture, aluminium casting,Bio-medical technology, home and living, plastic casing for electronics, cultural innovation, Jewelry art, mechanical parts and gears

  • CAD/Cam-aided model making, prototyping, modeling, Polyurethane for modelling , dental model base

  • Due to the colour (coffer) and the fast machinability especially suitable as model base

  • Trouble-free scanning due to the opaque and little reflective surface



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Product nameChina supplier Cheap easy to clean ABS-like white 355 355nm uv curable photocurable 3d resin for rapid prototypes SLA 3D printer


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