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Product Overview


It's a mandatory to install GPS tracker Integrated Speed Limiter according to African countries' Transportation Authority Standard. Such like Ethiopia, Nigeria,Kenya, and other African countries.


Product Name: Built in Speed Limiter into GPS tracker 
Ethiopian Standard document: ES6413 2019 GPS vehicle tracking system
Installation Wire Diagrams
1. Fuel Pump Type of GPS speed limiter 
Blue/Orange/Brown are wires from Inbuilt Relay. 
Orange: Common Point
Blue: Normal Closed
Brown: Normal Open


GPS Speed Limiter


2. Add a Solenoid Valve ( Optional ) 

Solenoid Valve


3. Add a Electronic Accelerator Pedal controller ( Optional ) 

GPS tracking speed limiter.png


Computer Configuration Software




Main Features: 


· GPS/GPRS/GSM Tracking Device

· Online vehicle GPS real time tracking platfrom APP

· Real time fleet mangement for truck bus

· Lock/unlock the car remotely

· Complied with Ethiopian standard ES6413 2019

· GPS Tracking Speed Limiter.It will limit a maximum speed to a certain speed that you want. You may be able to preset the max.speed by remote controller or our computer software. 

· USB flash download speed data,date,time,etc. 

· Data will be recorded

· Speed Limit Range: 10km/h-120km/h

· Printing violation record

· Mileage report in PDF format ( It can calculate how many kilometers do the vehicles go every day )

· Can force to limit the speed intelligently, safe speed limit.

· Temper proof speed governor 

· Automatic speed calibration or by remote calibrator.

· Maximum pre-set speed can be set by administrator.

· Can record the data between 72 to 360 working hours( speed record, longitude, latitude,strength of GPS signal, year, month, day, hour, munite, second, the speed of vehicle)

· Data export via USB port from the device

· Data retrieval of speed record from the device.

· Can be directly on the software to see the tracking of speed, and tracking playback can also be viewed on the Google map.

· Speed limit deviation: ± 2km/h

· Strong stability

· Easy to install

· Voltage: DC12V to DC 24V

· Programmable

· Support Mechanical and Electronic accelerator pedal speed limitator

· Real time GPS tracking 

· Online fleet management, etc

· Free On Live Platform for fleet management  


Product Display 

GPS tracker


Q1.Why do we have to install GPS Tracker integrated with Speed limiter for all commercial vehicles? 
Answer: It is a must to install GPS tracker integrated speed limiter for all commercial vehicles once the policy is published by one country's law for transport safety.


For example, Ethiopia,Kenya,Nigeria,Rwanda have been announced that all commercial vehicles must be installed this GPS tracker integrated speed limiter.


Especially,  from the year of 2021, Ethiopia had just started this implementation for GPS device installations on all of their commercial vehicles. 


Besides, other African countries are on the way to publish this implementation by their law for transport safety. That's why all commercial vehicles must be installed this GPS tracking device, but the most importance thing is it must integrated speed limiting function. 

Q2. What is a GPS tracker integrated speed limiter? 
Answer: It's a GPS tracking device integrated speed limit function,include the functions real time GPS car tracking,fleet management and limit a pre-set maximum speed.


All these speed data can be recorded and downloaded by USB disk.etc.It's produced according to Ethiopia transport authority, Kenya and Nigeria and other African countries' requirements. 
Q3. How does the GPS device work in a vehicle? 
Answer: There are mainly 3 types of GPS speed limiter. 

1. Normally we just use fuel type, in order to control the feed of fuel pump. 
2. Second method is using an adjustable solenoid valve to lock/unlock the valve working like a relay.
3. the third one is using a electronic accelerator controller. 

Most of the time, we just need to use the first one. Fuel type of GPS speed limiter. 


All these speed control ways have a real time GPS car tracking function basically. 
Q4. How many types of GPS Speed Limiter do you have? 
1. GPS tracker with integrated speed limiter
2. GPS tracking speed limiter
3. GPS based speed limiter tracker

Q5. What's functions do your GPS speed limiter include? 
Online Free Fleet management platform IP address


gps online


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