Decoration metal mesh expanded metal mesh perforated metal mesh with various painting surface treatment

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Product Description

Aluminum ,Titanium ,Nickel,Copper,Iron,Stainless steel
After stamping and stretching, the metal plate processed into expanded mesh
Shape of hole
Diamond , Hexagon
Cost-effective, Good conductor, Protective reinforcement, High strength, Low weight, Allows circulation, Acoustic properties.
1. It is used with concrete in buildings and construction, maintenance of equipments, making of arts and crafts, covering screen for first class sound case.
2.Security guarding and fences
4.Protections &barres; 
5.most diverse industrial and architectural applications
6.Metallic walls;
7.Metallic ceilings; 
8.Grating & platforms


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Company Profile

Anping County Weian Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Location: Weian is located in Hebei, North China.
Leading Products: Micro expanded metal, all sorts of mesh including iron, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel, etc. 
Due to the material difference, they can used as battery electrode mesh, speaker mesh cover, filter mesh, flue gas denitrification mesh, decorative mesh, mechanical protective mesh, etc. 
So far  the minimum mesh size we can produce  is 0.1mm and the thinnest material is 0.01mm.
Company Culture: Adhering to the "professional, pragmatic, efficient, and honest" service concept, and in the "quality of survival, reputation and seek development" production principles.
Company Foreground: Armed with state-of-the-art technologies, technically advanced machinery and highly qualified professionals, Weian has placed a respected place in this business area. Besides, we upgrade the product range adhere to the latest market trend and meeting clients' exact requirements that help us to deliver unique and innovative allied products. Above all, we provide all the products with a mission to offer complete client satisfaction expecting a long term relationship with you.

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Q: How strong is Expanded metal?
A: Expanded metal is not joined or welded, which results in a homogeneous product. Similarly, expanded metal manufactured from
alternative materials such as Aluminum, Copper, Brass, etc., will exhibit the same material strength properties as the original
raw sheet used to manufacture the Expanded metal.

Q: What is your company usually uses for the material?
A: We mainly use Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, SS430, SS304 and SS316. We can also design and manufacture arbitrary product according to your requirement.

Q: I have no idea what mesh I need. How do I find it?
A: Our website contains considerable technical information and photographs to assist you and we will attempt to supply you with the wire mesh you specify. However, we cannot recommend a particular wire mesh for specialized applications. We need to be given a specific mesh description or sample in order to proceed. If you are still uncertain, we suggest that you contact an engineering consultant in your field. Another possibility would be for you to purchase samples from us to determine their suitability.

Q: I have a sample of the mesh I need but I don't know how to describe it, can you help me?
A: Yes, please send us the sample and we will contact you with the results of our examination.

Q: Can I deform and further process expanded metal mesh?
A: Yes, any kind of deforming and processing is possible.

Q: Is it possible to coat and zinc-plate expanded metal?
A: Yes. As with all other metal products, expanded metal mesh can be coated through customary procedures. We recommend that you obtain specialist advice concerning the optimal coating procedure for your project. 

Q: What is the general packing requirement?
A: Stainless steel wire mesh is rolled around paper tube first, moisture-proof paper outside or plastic fabrics. Customized packing available.

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