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Product Overview


Products Description

PGO TECH provides numerous standard Single Side polished (SSP)wafer options, suitable for a wide range of applications.

We have a wide variety of Single Side Polished (SSP) Wafers in stock. Including 2inch-8inch Single side polished wafers.

Below is a sample specification of the silicon wafers.

Also,We are committed to meet our customer's requirements either special specifications or standard.

Growth method
N type dopants
Arsenic, Phosphorus
P type dopants
0.0011-60 ohm.cm
From 280um-1150um

Company Profile

Wuxi Pango Semiconductor Techonlogy Co.,LTD is a leading manufacturer of high quality silicon wafers and silicon ingot in 50MM-450MM diameters. All Si wafers are made internally from the pulling process (to create specific ingot) toward the cleaning process. We use exclusively pure silicon (9N) in order to maintain a reliable and qualitative consistency. Our purpose is to make high value products regarding individual specification to meet every user's requirement with the highest quality level.

Our Advantage
A. Extensive production experience:
We are specialized in 6inch silicon materials with an experience of 20 +years.
B. Complete production facilities:
From 6inch silicon ingot and wafers
C. Short Delivery time: Internationally within 3 days.
D. High quality raw material: We mainly choose High purity materials

Manufacturing Technique

Packaging & Shipping


1. Do you grow Silicon at your facility?
Yes , we grow own silicon ingot . 2inch - 18inch (50.8mm- 450mm

2. What raw material is used in the growth of your ingots?
Wacker polysilicon

3. What sort of information is included on your ingot certifications? Could you send us an example of one?
A:Including: Diameter、Type 、Orientation 、Length 、Top resistivity (Central /Edge)、End resistivity(Central /Edge)、Net weight、Engineer signature

4. Can you provide both n type and p type Silicon? What resistivity can be achieved for each?
No problem. Dopant: Boron/Phosphorus/Arsenic/Antimony
Resistiviy: 0.0001-60 ohm.cm

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