Medical sinuscope-nasal-endoscope sinus scopes 3mm 4mm sinoscope for sale

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Many types of medical treatments are not feasible without the use of medical endoscopes. These are indispensable for both diagnostic procedures, such as laryngoscopy, sinuscopy, or otoscopies, and actual surgeries of various types. In fact, medical endoscopes cover a wide spectrum of instruments based on distinct operating principles.
The most widely used medical endoscopes are rigid endoscopes of varying lengths, insertion tube diameters and fields of view (FOV). All rigid endoscopes share the same basic design - they feature a circular tube, with optical glass lenses at each end of the tube. As such, a rigid endoscope is a fairly simple device without any illumination or image enhancements. Therefore, endoscopic sets often include add-ons that amplify the functions of a rigid endoscope. These additional tools typically include a portable or standalone light source and an endoscopic camera. The latter is necessary if there exists a need to capture images during a diagnostic procedure or a surgery.


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Types of endoscope:(we can supply most of them)



Rigid ENT Endoscopes

* ENT rigid endoscope adopts German stainless steel material.
* Rigid endoscope adopts German optic glass, light fiber and light cibe.
* Adopt the patented technology of rod optical lens, clear field of view.
* With direction index, sapphire lens cover never abrasion
* Related to Urology, Gynecology, Laparoscopy, ENT, Orthopedics etc..
* Outer diameter 2.7mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm,
* 0 degree/12 degree/30 degree/45 degree/70 degree/90 degree/110 degree
* with working length: 45mm/50mm/60mm/90 mm/110mm/175mm/180mm/185mm etc.
* The autoclavable ENT endoscope are available.







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