100L/min Audit trail function airborne particle counter

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Product Overview


Product Description

Purpose and principle.
Y09-3106C airborne particle counter (hereinafter referred to as the instrument) is an instrument used to measure the size and number of large particles of dust particles suspended in the air per unit volume.
The instrument adopts semiconductor laser light source, touch computer display, high detection accuracy, simple and clear function operation, computer control, can store and print the test results, and the test environment is very convenient. Widely used in electronics, optics, chemistry, food, cosmetics, medicine and health, biological products, aerospace and other industries.
This instrument uses the principle of light scattering to detect particle size and quantity to detect suspended particle dust. The air is sucked into the photosensitive area of the suspended particle sensor by the sampling pump for detection,Dust particles scatter light flux proportional to their particle size, and after photoelectric conversion, amplification and processing, the equivalent diameter and number of collected particles are obtained.

main feature.
1. Using touch computer interface, windows operating system, with powerful data processing, data storage, user management, and so on.
2. The operation interface is composed of functional modules such as area location, particle measurement, historical alarm, operation log, user management, password modification, parameter setting, etc.
3. It has a security encryption mechanism and has three levels of permissions. Users must log in before using it. The login password meets the password complexity requirements, and the user management permissions of different roles are different.
4. It has the function of switching and calculating between different units, which can be converted between m3, CFM and L.
5. Different detection areas can be managed, including the name, information, and code of the detection area, which can be edited, deleted, viewed, alarm settings, and so on.
6. 4 detection modes: single measurement, continuous measurement, repeated measurement, confidence measurement.
7. Data export has EXCEL/PDF export mode optional.
8. Historical data query function: It can query the historical data of detection address points and detection batches.
9. With alarm function: the cleanliness level of the test environment can be set, and an alarm when the cleanliness level is exceeded during detection, and alarm events are recorded to form a report.
10. Comply with 21CFR part.
11 electronic records, electronic signatures, audit trails and other requirements.

Product Paramenters

Model / Parameters
Size channels
0.3、0.5、1.0、3.0、5.0、10(μm )
0.5、1.0、2.0、3.0、5.0、10(μm )
0.5、1.0、2.0、3.0、5.0、10(μm )
0.3、0.5、1.0、3.0、5.0、10(μm )
 0.3、0.5、1.0、3.0、5.0、10(μm )
Overall dimension
210 * 270 * 280m (W * D * H)
10ug/L:air flow 5400cfm(about 150m³/min)
10ug / L: air flow 65000cfm (about 1800m ³ / min)
260 * 270 * 300m (W * D * H)
800*480 resolution,65k color,Touch panel control system
100ug/L:air flow 540cfm(about 15m³/min)
100ug/L:air flow :6500cfm(about180m³/min)
touch computer interface
DOP PAO , Polydisperse
Rated power consumption
2-4 Laskin Nozzles
Power supply
Lithium battery 14.8V
Lithium battery 22.2V
Lithium battery 14.8V
22.4V lithium battery, power adapter 25.2V/4A
Sampling period
self-cleaning time
Sampling flow
Operation envirenment

Company Profile

About HJClean.
Suzhou HJ Clean Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2004 in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, the home of purification in China. It mainly produce equipments and instruments of clean room deals in business of clean room projects for pharmaceutical factory , laboratory , medical organization etc.
The company has more than 30 patents products, ISO9001 certification and CE certification. The company is a member of China clean room Association and is one of Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center. We are in a leading position in the field of clean room.
The company's products including sterility isolator 、 negative pressure cabinet 、VHP passbox , vhp generator, atomized sterilizer , BIBO bag in bag out filter system , online monitoring dust particle and plankton system, airborne particle counter 、 air sampler、 online detecting plankton 、 air flow capture hood 、aerosol generator and photometer , Glove Integrity Tester、 negative pressure 、dispensing booth、 laminar air flow hood 、purified cart trolley、clean bench 、biosafety cabinet、movable purifier、air purifier and sterilizer , purified oven、purified wardrobe、 FFU series of fan filter unit、dynamic passbox 、static pass box、air shower、mist shower etc have been sold to countries around the world, from the establishment to the present.
The company has a professional team of R&D , design and experienced worker , and is equipped with advanced testing instruments and
installation tools. In addition, the company has introduced the advanced management , and the products we provide are high quality
and cost performance.
The company adheres to the tenet of customer first, technology leader, service first, and pioneering and enterprising, and wholeheartedly serves domestic and foreign enterprises.


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