Noise Absorber Distribute Air High Quality OEM Best Ventilation system Round Duct Fan Silencer 6inch Galvanized Stainless steel

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Product Overview


Product Description


Ventilation silencers


NCC has a wide range of duct silencers, including low-frequency and high-frequency silencers. The silencers can be assembled in modules, forming a whole dampening wall or facade. Moreover, they can be delivered with flanges and bird netting. All our models are acoustically tested and can be delivered in galvanised or stainless steel plate.


Overview of Ventilation silencers

See below for a quick overview of our groups of Ventilation silencers.


Rectangular Silencers
Rectangular Silencers are suitable for conventional use and include low-frequency silencers constructed for dampening the octave bands 63 Hz, 125 Hz and 250 Hz;


Tubular Silencers
Tubular Silencers are suitable for noise reduction and include low-frequency silencers, designed to dampen the octave bands 63 Hz, 125 Hz and 250 Hz;


Acoustic Diffuser Silencers
Acoustic Diffuser Silencers are adjusted for use in axial ventilation systems. The combination of an internal diffusion cone and an external, square enclosure makes these devices aerodynamic recovery units, as well as silencers.


Rectangular Packless Silencers
Rectangular Packless Silencers are the ultimate solution for ultra clean environments and corrosive/flammable environments. The complete absence of dampening material combined with easy cleaning and emptying makes Packless silencers suitable for engine test cells, chemical plants, refineries and facilities which handle and process hazardous waste


Tubular Packless Silencers
Tubular Packless Silencers are excellent for piping systems of small diameters, i.e. fume cupboards. Packless design means that they are equally useful for the system types listed for Rectangular Packless Silencers





Why so Many Sizes & Standard Types of Silencers


All of our silencers were developed in response to specific requirements from acoustic consultants, consulting engineers, owners and contractors. They provide the most
economical choices for solving the wide diversity of noise control problems encountered in HVAC engineering.

Our standard single module rectangular silencer cross sections range from 150mm x 150mm to 1800mm x1200mm. For small mains, branches, and duct run-outs, there are module sizes to fit every need. When large silencer banks are required, multiple-module assemblies can be arranged to provide almost limitless dimensional flexibility.




Active & Passive Silencer Designs

All of the silencers manufactured by NCC are of the passive design as they do not require mechanical or electrical means to function. They do their job very simply by providing a trouble free static means for the dissipation of sound energy by converting it into very minute quantities of heat.




In addition to providing audiology booths and rooms, we are also able to provide the following solutions to noise control:

(1)Acoustic doors

(2)Acoustic windows

(3)Acoustic louvres

(4)Acoustic studios

(5)Acoustic wall treatments

(6)Anechoic chambers

(7)Acoustic barriers

(8)Acoustic enclosures

(9)Engine exhaust silencers

(10)Vent silencers

(11)Aero-engine test facilities

(12)Jet blast deflectors

(13)Ground run-up enclosures

(14)Gas turbine acoustic packages



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