FongHua E-PTFE Waterproof Breather Air vent Plug

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When the enclosure is exposed to severe conditions (such as rapid temperature changes caused by sudden thunderstorms). These changes create pressure differentials that create stress in the housing seals. If these differential pressures are not balanced, the seals will eventually fail, allowing water and dirt to enter the interior of the housing equipment and cause it to corrode or damage. FongHua® Vents improve the reliability and lifespan of sensitive electronic components by balancing pressure and reducing condensation in the housing. At the same time, vents can also act as a protective barrier to protect your electronic equipment by blocking the entry of contaminants such as dirt, dust, salt, water and other harmful liquids.


In particular, our experience in the application of highly reliable and breathable expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) materials incorporates our expertise in the waterproof and breathable requirements of automotive components, mobile devices, packaging, outdoor electronics and other equipment. Deep understanding.



Product Advantage

Depending on the specific application, our vents can:
-Balance internal pressure to prevent leakage
-Build a dirt barrier
-Control of water vapor and condensation
- Protects the sound quality of the acoustic components
- Let the equipment work normally in harsh environments
-Packaging and storing harmful or dangerous chemicals
- Dispense liquids from containers, even hotter liquids


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