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Product Overview


Tinplate (commonly known as tinplate) refers to the surface of the steel plate coated with a thin layer of metal tin. Tinplate is the low carbon steel rolled into about 2mm thick steel plate, after pickling, cold rolling, electrolytic cleaning annealing, leveling, edge cutting processing, and then after cleaning, electroplating, softening, passivation treatment, oiling after cutting into tinplate plate finished products, tinplate tin plating for high purity tin (Sn> 99.8%). Tin layer can also be coated by hot dip plating method, the tin plate obtained by this method is thicker, with a large amount of tin, tin plating without purification treatment.

Production process
The production process of tin plate mainly includes tin plating, softening, cathode passivation and oiling. In electroplating process, a layer of metal tin is deposited on the cold rolled plate, and a thin layer of tin iron alloy is formed between the cold rolled plate and the pure tin layer by soft melting process. Passivation film and oil film are formed by cathodic passivation and oil coating process respectively

Tin plating species
Immersion tin plating
Immersion plating is to immerse the workpiece in the solution containing metal salt to be plated, according to the principle of
chemical replacement deposition of metal coating on the surface of the workpiece. This is different from the general electroless
plating principle, because its plating solution does not contain reducing agent. And contact plating is not the same, contact
plating is to dip the workpiece into a metal salt solution must be closely connected with an active metal, the active metal for
the anode into the solution to release electrons, higher potential in the solution of metal ions to get electrons deposited on the
surface of the workpiece. Dip tin plating is carried out only on iron, copper, aluminum and their respective alloys.

Electroless tin
Electroless tin
The reductants used for copper or nickel autocatalytic deposition cannot be used to reduce tin. The simplest explanation is that the overpotential of hydrogen evolution on the tin surface is high, and the above reducing agent is hydrogen evolution reaction, so it is impossible to reduce tin ions to tin elemental. To electroless tin plating, it is necessary to select another class of strong reducing agents, such as Ti3+,V2+,Cr2+, etc. Only T3+/Ti4+ system has been reported.

Product specifications

Tin Plate
Thickness & tolerance
0.135-0.7mm (tolerance -/+0.01 mm)
Width & tolerance
strip:24-600mm,coil:600-1200 mm (tolerance -0/+3 mm)
JIS G3303, GB/T 2520-2000, ASTM A623, BS EN10202
Temper (BA & CA)
T2-T5; DR8; DR9
Surface finish
Bright, Stone, Silver, Matt
Coil ID
Sheet weight

Product Details

Product testing

Application area

Tin coating is widely used in food processing equipment and containers, as well as shipping equipment, pump parts, bearings, valves, automobile pistons, tinned copper and CP lines, electronic components and printed circuit boards, etc. Tin coatings are used in the food processing industry because of their non-toxicity, good ductility (toughness) and corrosion resistance.

Packing & Delivery

Exported sea worthy packing: 3 layers of packing. Inside is craft paper, middle is waterproof plastic film and outside GI steel sheet to be covered by steel strips with lock.

Company Profile

Shandong Zhongsheng Materials Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive, modern and high-quality enterprise integrating steel
production,processing and sales. Located in the north near the port city: Jinan. Nearby Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai ports, low transportation cost, steel price concessions. Since its establishment, the company has developed rapidly. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with Shandong Iron and steel, Rizhao Iron and steel, Shanxi Taiyuan Iron and steel,Shanghai Baosteel,Xiwang special steel and other domestic steel mills.
Main products: carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized series, PPGI/PPGL series, aluminum series, copper series, steel
pipe,section steel, rebar, steel wire, flange cutting parts, etc. Which are widely used in automobile, oil, railway,
bridge,construction, electric power, transportation, machinery, shipbuilding, light industry, home appliances, kitchen and other important fields.
Shandong Zhongsheng Materials Co., Ltd. has become the most potential steel supply company in Shandong province in a short period of time. The company is supported by a strong capital chain and can accept LC, copy of bill of lading and other payment methods,which have been widely recognized by foreign customers. Our products not only sell well in the domestic market, but also sell well in the United States, Europe, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan, South Africa, Vietnam, Myanmar, Ethiopia,Australia,Bahrain,Singapore, Brazil, Russia and other countries and regions, and are highly praised by foreign customers. Thenumber of export countries is growing, and the sales volume is gradually increasing.
Looking forward to doing business and making friends with clients all around the world!


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are professional manufacturer for steel pipe/sheet/coil, and our company also is a very professional a trade company for steel products.we can also provide a wide range of steel products.
Q: Will you delivery the goods on time?
A: Yes,we promise to provide best quality products and delivery on time .Honesty is our company's tenet.
Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?
A: The sample could can provide for customer with free,but the courier freight will be covered by customer account.
Q: Do you accept the third party inspection?
A: Yes absolutely we accept.
Q: How could you guarantee your products?
A: Each piece of products is manufactured by certified workshops, inspected by Linxu piece by piece according to national QA/QC standard. We also could issue the warranty to customer to guarantee the quality.

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