Factory price Synthetic grinding fluid LH-T30 for steel metalworking coolant

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Product Overview


Synthetic grinding cooling fluid for aluminum, copper,iron and steel


Product Description


  Metal grinding fluid

LH - T30

LH-T30 grinding fluid is a kind of environmental protection product which is based on the Japanese patent technology, contains many kinds of imported water soluble anti rust agent, corrosion inhibitor, lubricant, etc.

It does not contain harmful substances, such as nitrite, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, lead, etc., also it has a high degree of biological degradation.

   Protect the tool in the metal machining equipment, the operation is simple, reduce the cost, improve the working environment. It is an ideal metal synthetic grinding fluid.

This product conforms to the GB/T6144-85 standard.


Technical indicators


One, technical indicators:

1. Appearance: fluorescent green transparent liquid, no delamination, no precipitation.

2. pH: 8.5---9.5 (5% aqueous solution)

3. Anti rust property: more than 72H (5% water solution 35±2, senior grade gray cast iron).







Two, performance and characteristics:

1. It is suitable for the grinding of many materials such as cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel ,copper, aluminum , and so on.

2. With good performance of lubrication, antirust, extreme pressure, cooling and cleaning, It can extend the service life of cutting tools, improve the surface finish and processing efficiency.

3. No toxic, no smell, no pollution, no stimulation to the skin, no corrosion to machine parts in long-term use.

4. It is suitable for the grinding of various machine tools.

5. Easy to use: water dilution at normal temperature.


Three, the use of methods and precautions:

1.     The general using concentration is 5-7%, in order to meet the demands of finish and antirust life, can increase the use of proportion.

2. Add grinding fluid  according to using concentration when the using fluid decrease in processing

Packaging & Shipping


Four, packaging storage

Packing: 200KG / barrel

Storage: indoor warehouse, storage lifetime is one year.



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