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Brand Name
Jiangxi, China
water treatment agent
Product Name
Calcium Hypochlorite
granular powder
Wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment
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Chemical Name:
CAS NO: 7778-54-3

Product Name : Calcium Hypochlorite

Color: White or slightly gray Status: Granules Effective chlorine content: 70%


1. Used for bleaching wood paddle. Silk. Cloth. Fiber 2. Sterilization and water treatment
3. Chemical poison, disinfectant of radioactive substances
4. Farming, animal husbandry;

How to use:
1. 100kg of 70% bleaching powder can be added to 1 ton of water to make a bleach solution with 7% effective chlorine content.
2. 1 ton of water with 1.7 grams of bleaching powder can be prepared into disinfectant water with the efficiency of one millionth.


1. High effective chlorine content. 
2. Especially good stability, can be stored for a long time at room temperature, with less loss of efficient content. 
3. High solubility, very easy to dissolve in water to form a highly concentrated bleaching solution, less insoluble matter.

Storage method: Store in a dry, cool, ventilated place away from sunlight and away from sources of ignition and heat. Do not come
into contact with organic substances, acids and reducing agents.

How could I get a sample?
Before we received the first order, please afford the shipping cost of the sample. We will return the shipping cost of the sample back to you within your first order. 

Jiangxi Langquan Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. is an integrated and comprehensive environmental protection enterprise focusing on the production of water treatment chemicals and the development of difficult wastewater solutions, providing pharmaceuticals and technical services for all kinds of factories, industrial wastewater treatment plants and urban domestic wastewater treatment plants that produce wastewater, and the company's products decolorizer, deodorizer, phosphorus remover, biochemical bacterial agent are well received by users, and the current water treatment chemicals reach 36,000 tons of annual production scale. The company's high-end technical personnel can provide customers with high-quality services and advanced technology, helping customers to complete a full range of demand solutions.

Our company has 12 professional technicians with many years of research and development experience, who can develop one-to-one treatment plan for your wastewater treatment and reduce your wastewater treatment cost. And we have successfully passed the quality system certification, and we uphold the high standard, high quality, and high punctuality work requirements to all customers, so that each index can meet the standard discharge, and we are the enterprise trusted by the majority of customers.

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