Kexcelled New 3d Filament 1.75mm 1kg Marble Twinkling Metallic Gypsum Pla Filament In Plastic Rods

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Product Description

PLA K5P is a PLA based material with metallic color.After special process adjustment, it has more luster than the general metal color, and it can present bright metal color without spraying, polishing and other post-processing.

Filament diameter:
Ø1.75mm   Ø2.85mm   Ø3.0mm
Net Weight: 
0.5kg  1kg  3kg  5kg 
7 colors  
More diameters & weight can be customized.
Own color-masterbatch technology to customize any color.

* METAL SURFACE: Compared with the existing metallic filaments on the market, the appearance of PLA K5P has been significantly improved, and both the top and the sides have a beautiful metallic paint effect.
*SMOOTH & STABLE PRINTING: PLA K5P has excellent printing performance and does not sacrifice printing performance for special effects. It has the same printing experience as ordinary PLA with a good surface effect and a high printing success rate.
*ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY & SPRAY-FREE: Introducing the concept of spray-free materials into 3D printing materials, without the use of chemical coatings for processing, you can have a metallic paint-like effect, which is green and environmentally friendly. At the same time, the cycle of material verification and product development is greatly shortened.
*AESTHETIC EFFECT: The color matching of metallic paint makes ordinary parts without plastic feeling, and the parts appear more advanced and refined.

Printing Tips:
Nozzle temperature:
Platform temperature:
Print speed:
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Our 3D printing filament perfectly compatible with 99% FDM 3D printer.

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Packaging & After-Sales

General Packaging:
* Each spool packed in a vacuum-sealed package with a desiccant packet.
* Each roll in a small box,
box size:L21XW21XH7.2cm
* 10 small boxes in a carton box
carton size:L45*W38*H23cm
Packaging also can be customized*_*.

Kexcelled hopes that everyone can experience the fun of 3D printing, so we provide printing technology guidance and customer service. The email will be answered within 24 hours ASAP *_*.


What if the surface of the printed model is not smooth and has defects?
1. First, confirm that the filaments are in a dry state. If the unpacking time is too long, it needs to be dried (PLA series
50-55°C, 3h; PETG, WOOD,ABS, etc. 60-65°C, 4h; TPU, 65-70°C, 4h).
2. Appropriately increase or decrease the amount of extrusion.
3. Clean the throat and nozzle.
4. Check whether the extruder gear is worn.
What to do if the printed filament cannot get onto the platform?
1. Adjust the distance between the nozzle and the platform.
2. Reduce the printing speed of the first layer.
3. Adjust the temperature and cooling settings.
4. Platform surface treatment (platform sticker, glue, and material).
5. Increase brim or raft.

What to do if the nozzle is clogged?
1. Reinstall the filament to see if the new one can be extruded normally.
2. Clean the nozzle and use a fine needle smaller than the nozzle diameter to clean or replace with a new nozzle.
3. Check whether the throat cooling fan is operating normally. Abnormal operation of the fan will cause the consumables to flow. The throat swells in advance and causes the plug.
4. Check whether the throat is aging.
What to do with stringing?
1. After each use, the filament should be inserted into the round hole on the side of the material tray, and stuck tightly.
2. If the filament has been threaded, relax and pull out until it is not threaded, then re-wound.

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