transparent coated AR glasses solar panel cover glass

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Compare of Anti-glare glass and ordinary glass.
Anti-Glare Glass, also be called AG glass, it can reduce light reflective(can <1%) and prevent glare, but still have high lighting transparency. wildly be used on display protection panel, such as: LCD display, PDP, Led TV, Note book PC, outdoor display screen, medical instrument, camera, display screen in military and so on.

AG glass (Anti-Glare Glass)is made by a special chemical process, which is characterized by changing the reflective surface of the original glass into a matte diffuse reflective surface. It can blur the influence of reflection, prevent the glare from deteriorating, reduce the light and shadow, prevent the surface of anti-glare products from anti-corrosion and anti-scratch.Combined with the video imaging screen, it can form a transparent anti-glare and anti-reflection screen, which solves the problem of reflective and glare under the ambient light source of the electronic video screen and the image screen, improves the image quality. This effect does not change at a large viewing angle.

Anti glare glass characteristics :
* Giving light transmission characteristics of up to 98%,obtain maximum product visibility and transparency
* Offers state-of-the-art technical solutions
* Cancel eyestrain ,keep eyes in good health
* Deep processing ,tempered ,curved, laminated ,double glazing ,silk-screen printing etc
* The individual colours in your print or photo can easily look dull if you frame them behind window glass. This isbecause not enough light can penetrate through for you to see them properly.

Anti glare glass application:
* TV Screens
* Advertisement Screens
* Display Cabinet
* Photo Frames
* Electronic Instrument

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