asphalt coloring pigment powders iron oxide red 110 for sale

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Product Overview


Products Description

Product name
Iron oxide red
Brand Name
101 110 120 130 180 190
inorganic pigment
Grain size
325 mesh
Fine powder
Medium frequency
Color intensity
Non-toxic, tasteless, inorganic pigment, light resistance, etc
Ceramics, paint, plastic, rubber, leather, cosmetics, terrazzo, floor, color brick, paint, cement concrete, terrazzo, floor

Product Description Iron oxide pigments are used as dyes or colorants in a variety of precast concrete components and construction products and materials. The red iron oxide directly added to the cement, for a variety of indoor and outdoor cement surface coloring, such as wall, balcony, ceiling and pillars, corridor, roads, parking lots, station, etc., as well as a variety of architectural pottery and glazed pottery, namely the face brick, floor tile, roof tile, panels, terrazzo, Mosaic brick, man-made marble, etc.

1) Red iron oxide is used for coloring of building, paint, plastic rubber, ink, porcelain, colored asphalt, paper
dye, etc.
2) Building materials include walls, floors and marble. Paint materials include paints, preservatives, spray paint, Mosaic tiles,
concrete production tiles, sidewalk tiles, colored tiles, etc.
3) Plastics include thermosetting plastics, thermoplastic coloring and plastic runway, etc

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Product packaging

We are committed to provide customers with beautiful, strong packaging and efficient logistics, distribution services.
1) Extensive container loading experience at major ports in China.
2) Urgent delivery can meet your requirements.
3) Best service with sales email after delivery.
4) Provide goods and container sales services.
5) Pallet packaging according to customer requirements.

Q: How do I pay for my purchase order?
A: T/T and L/C are our usual practice.

Q: How do I get samples and how long does it take?
A: For A small number of samples, it's free, but air freight is to collect or pay our fee in advance. We often use international express and will deliver the goods at the appointed time.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: The minimum order quantity is 1000 grams.

Q: Do you have a quality control system?
A: We have A quality control system for every step of the process. We have A control system from raw material to finished product.

Q: About the price:
A: The price is negotiable. It can be changed depending on your quantity or packaging. When you make your inquiry, please let us know the quantity you want.

Q: About warranty:
A: We are very confident in our products and we pack them well, so usually you receive them in perfect condition. Any quality problem, we will deal with it immediately.

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