Factory low price zar fused zirconia brick refractory zircon mullite refractory bricks for glass furnace

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Factory low price zar fused zirconia brick refractory zircon mullite refractory bricks for glass furnace

Zirconia brick is a refractory product which is mainly made of zirconia.There are two main manufacturing methods: firing method and casting method.There are three types of zirconia crystals: monoclinic, tetragonal and cubic.When the zirconia is heated to about 1100℃, the crystal form changes from monoclinic to tetragonal, accompanied by a volume contraction of 7%, otherwise the volume expands.The cubic form of tetragonal zirconia appears above 2300℃.The densities of the three crystal forms were 5.68g/cm3(monoclinic), 6.10g/cm3(tetragonal) and 6.27g/cm3(cubic), respectively. 

zircon brick (5)zircon brick (9)

1,compact zirconia brick
The isostatic pressing method is used for molding, and its technical index is ZrO2>65%, apparent porosity <2.0%, the volume density is about 4.25g/cm3, erosion occurs when the temperature exceeds 1370℃ in E glass.It is used in the bottom of the melting part of the E glass unit kiln where the temperature of contact glass liquid is slightly lower, the bottom of the transition passage, the forming passage and the flow tank of the forming passage and the supporting brick of the leakage plate, etc.In addition, dense zirconium brick is also used as the backing brick of dense chromium brick.
A new type of dense zirconia brick with coarse-grained structure has been developed by VGT-Dyko in Germany. The internal structure of the brick has been greatly improved, and the thermal and cold resistance of the brick has been improved.Its bulk density is 3.75g/cm3, and its porosity is 17%.This brick is ZS65AR and has good thermal shock resistance. It is most suitable for drawing flow tank and leakage plate supporting brick.
2,Standard zirconium brick
The ZrO2 content of the brick is about 66%, the bulk density is 3.7g/cm3, and the brick has good thermal stability and spalling resistance.It is used in the parapet and back wall of the feeding outlet area where the powder erosion is more serious, the parapet and top cover brick of the furnace observation hole and the flame space of the pass-way and the burner brick.


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 sintered zircon brick


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