GCA CAC Calcined Anthracite Coal/ High Fixed Carbon Coal Recarburizer For Sale

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Product Overview


GCA CAC Calcined Anthracite Coal/ High Fixed Carbon Coal Recarburizer For Sale

Product Description

anthracite coal filter media used as additive in steel making process. It made from well-selected Tai Xi anthracite which is low in content of ash, sulphur, phosphorus, high heat productivity, high chemically activation.

Application of Coal recarburizer:

Calcined Anthracite Coal/Gas Calcined Anthracite Coal/Carbon Raiser is mainly used in steelmaking in electrical stove, screening water, shipbuilding sandblast to remove rust. It can reduce the cost of steelmaking effectively by replacing the traditional petroleum coke of carburant.Also can improve the Carbon content in steel-melting and Ductile iron foundry.

Specificatins of Coal recarburizer:


 CAC2-15mm (5).jpgCAC2-15mm (7).jpgCAC3-5mm (6).jpgCAC3-5mm (7).jpgCAC5-8mm (7).jpgCAC5-8mm (8).jpg

Introduction of the pet coke carbon additive:

The petroleum coke is carbonized by petroleum coke calcination and purification. The appearance is round or prismatic, with metallic luster, porous, carbonaceous. Petroleum coke is characterized by high carbon and low sulfur, low ash, metallurgical chemicals, machinery, electricity and other industries ideal carbon material and reaction intermediates, petroleum coke is a widely used carbon agent.


      Petroleum coke increased carbon converter converter smelting, high carbon steel in the use of impurities with little oil coke as a carbon agent, the top blown converter smelting just with carbon requirements is fixed carbon is high, ash, volatile and Sulfur, phosphorus and other impurities to be low, and to dry, clean, moderate size of the carbon agent, the particle size is too easy to burn easily, too thick to join after the molten steel surface is not easy to be absorbed by molten steel.


      Petroleum coke is refined by crude oil by-product, crude oil distillation or vacuum distillation of the residue and oil asphalt, can be used as a raw material for the manufacture of petroleum coke, and then get the coke after the oil coke. The production of petroleum coke is less than 5% of the crude oil used, and the high content of impurities in the petroleum coke can not be directly used as the carbon agent and must be calcined.


      The calcination of petroleum coke is to remove sulfur, moisture, and volatiles, and the raw petroleum coke is calcined at 1200 to 1350 ° C to make it a substantially pure carbon. The largest user of calcined petroleum coke is made of aluminum, and 70% is used to make an anode that reduces bauxite. China's production of calcined petroleum coke, for cast iron to increase the amount of carbon agent accounted for about 6%.


      Raw oil coke in the high content of impurities, can not be directly used as a carbon agent, must be calcined, the petroleum coke calcination is to remove the sulfur, moisture, volatile, the raw petroleum coke at 1200-1350 ℃ calcination can make it Basically pure carbon. Calcined petroleum coke is widely used in industry, can be used for steelmaking, ironmaking, general casting and other industries, can also be used as casting on the brake disc, crankshaft, brake pads and so on.


Specification of the petroleum coke:

Commonly size


Fixed carbon














Brake pad manufacturing: size----40-120, 30-150, 20-100mesh. FC.90%.

Friction material: FC. 92-99%, S 0.05%, Moisture 1%, VM. 1%, Size: 0-1mm

CPC3-5mm (6).jpgCPC3-5mm (7).jpgCPC3-5mm (8).jpgCPC1-5MM (6).jpgCPC1-5MM (7).jpgCPC1-5MM (8).jpg

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 1. Q: How to place an order?

     A: Send the inquiry  --- Get the quotation --- Approve the order --- Make the PI --- Payment --- Arrange production & inform --- Rest and relax --- Finished products inspection --- Make the balance --- Arrange delivery --- Goods received.

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