Bio surfactant CAS 110615-47-9 LAURYL GLUCOSIDE APG1214

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Product Overview


All natural vegan material origins of our APG series

1.Fatty alcohols & fatty acids extracted from palm oil & coconut

2. Glucose&amino acids&sucrose extracted from corn starch.

Product Description

APG 0810 0814 1214 Alkyl Polyglucoside_Melland Ecogreen brand
Alkyl polyglucoside refers to the alkyl glycoside (Alkyl Polyglucoside. APG for short). Non-ionic surfactant.
Other name: Lauryl glucoside/glycoside, Decyl Glucoside,capryl glucoside, Coco-Glucoside.

Synthesized from glucose and aliphatic alcohol. It refers to the glycoside whose sugar unit is greater than or equal to 2 in the complex glycoside compound. In general, the polymerization degree n of the alkyl polyglycoside is in the range of 1.1~3, and R is an alkyl group of C8~C16.

1. Does not contain toxic by-product dioxane。
2. Good compatibility, can be compounded with various ionic and non-ionic surfactants to produce synergistic effect.
3. Good foaming,rich and delicate foam, good solubility, strong alkali and electrolyte resistance, good thickening ability and skin compatibility.
4. Good solubility, significantly improve the mildness of the formula, non-toxic, non-irritating, 100% biodegradable. Recommended for tear free baby care products


APG 0810
APG 0814
APG 1214
Light yellow liquid, brown liquid
Light yellow turbid liquid
Light yellow turbid liquid or paste
Alkyl Carbon (C)
Solid active matter
Sulfate ash
≤ 3 (wt %)
≤ 3 (wt %)
≤ 3 (wt %)
Viscosity, (mPa·s)
Provide different viscosity indicators according to customer customization requirements
Provide different viscosity indicators according to customer customization requirements
Provide different viscosity indicators according to customer customization requirements

1. Personal care: skin care, hair care,facial care
The new generation of shampoos and shower gel made with APG as the base has great foaming power, white and fine foam, softness to the skin, no irritation to the eyes, no pollution to the environment, good hard water resistance, and good conditioning and conditioning.
2. Home care:
Laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid soap, bathroom cleaner, other surface cleaner
The detergent made of APG has good solubility, mildness and degreasing ability, no irritation to the skin, non-toxic, and easy to rinse.
3. Medicine:
Alkyl polyglycoside is compatible with Chinese herbal medicine, and can prepare health care skin care products with antipruritic effect by taking advantage of its excellent compatibility and non-irritating skin. APG derivatives have broad prospects in pharmaceuticals.
4. Agricultural chemicals:
It is suitable for pesticide emulsification. It can adjust soil temperature and has a significant synergistic effect on
herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.
5. Textile and dyeing:
APG can be used as an anti-wrinkle agent for cotton cloth in the textile industry. APG is suitable for refining, dyeing and other processing. The solution is not easy to generate foam and can reduce dye spots.
It is especially suitable for high temperature refining agent, high temperature dyeing dispersing agent and leveling agent.

Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details:220kg/drum,1100kg IBC drum

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Company Profile

Ranhe Biomaterial Co.,Ltd/Melland Ecogreen technology is leading manufacturer and supplier based on China, specialized in producing and R&D of green surfactants including Alkyl Polyglucoside(APG), Polyethylene Glycol and Alcohol Ether Carboxylate(AEC) with annual output of 10,000 tons.
Our production and service is certified with :
ISO9001 quality management ;
ISO14001 environmental management ;
ISO45001 occupational health and safety management.

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