400N.m small torque bus eddy current brake electromagnetic retarder

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400N.m small torque bus eddy current brake electromagnetic retarder

Product Description

KAR series Electromagnetic retarder is available in different sizes and instalation method' s depending the size (GVW), HP application and design of your vehicle.

φX Thickness
Max Current
Applied Bus
φ 358×136
φ 358×136
φ 358×136

Installation Case


Why install a retarder?

The installation of the retarder will greatly improve the safety of driving. The retarder can share 30% to 80% of the braking torque when the vehicle is braked, thus avoiding the high load friction between the wheel hub and the brake shoe of the original vehicle braking system for a long time, and eliminating the brake failure, wheel hub heating, tire blowout and other safety accidents caused thereby. In case of emergency braking, the vehicle with retarder can effectively avoid the occurrence of hasty, swing, tail flick and other phenomena, and greatly shorten the braking distance and improve the safety of vehicle driving.

How the retarder works?

When the coil is connected with current, the iron core will generate magnetic field, the high-speed rotating rotor cuts the magnetic line of force, so that the rotor senses the eddy current. The current carrying rotor is affected by the force in the magnetic field. Its action direction is opposite to the rotation direction of the rotor, which hinders the rotation of the rotor, so that the eddy current retarder produces the braking torque. The brake torque produced by the eddy current retarder can be adjusted by the control device. The more coils are energized, the stronger the magnetic field, and the greater the braking torque.

Construction of retarder

Eddy current retarder mainly used for braking system, which is composed of stator and rotor. The stator is composed of iron cores and coils; The rotor is a heat-resistant cast steel rotor disc with cooling blades, which is connected with the automobile transmission shaft and rotates with it.

How to install the retarder?

KINGAN has developed and produced three types of vehicle retarders, mainly installed on drive axle, gearbox or transmission shaft of the automobile.

We can customize the mounting bracket and flange according to the customer's requirements, and provide free installation guidance

Why choose us?

Guangzhou Kingan Auto Parts Co., Ltd was founded in 2002, it is one of the first private high-tech enterprises to develop, produce and sell eddy current retarders in China. It has established a strict and scientific quality management system for product development and production process, and has passed TS16949 quality system certification.

Guangzhou Kingan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. pays attention to stable product quality and steady promotion of the market. Now it has formed a certain brand influence in the domestic retarder market. It has established a supporting supply relationship in the domestic secondary end customer market and many vehicle manufacturers, and exported to the Europe, North America , Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil, and other foreign markets. It is widely praised by customers.

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