Wear resisting GB8AT breaker chisel

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Wear resisting GB8AT breaker chisel

Company Profile                                                                             

  HB30G Hydraulic Breaker Hammer Chisel for Excavator 

  Henan Tianli Thermal Equipment Co., Ltd. is an intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D,production and sales. The company was established in 2003. After more than ten years of steady development, the company has consolidated its foundation and established a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2018. The company is Chongqing Xintianli Intelligent Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Tianli Thermal Engineering is a high-tech enterprise, a pilot enterprise for ecological(green) design of industrial products in the heat treatment industry,a pilot enterprise for the integration of industrialization and industrialization, a national-level specialized, specialized, and new "little giant" enterprise, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise,and Henan Province. Quality Integrity AAA Grade Enterprise(AAA),Quality Management Enterprise in Heat Treatment Industry, Henan Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise,Henan Science and Technology Little Giant Cultivation Enterprsie. The company's registered trademark "TL" was rated as the trademark of Henan Province, and won the "Xinxiang Mayor Quality Award" in 2016. The company is a listed company on the New Third Board(stock code 872609).


Product Description                                                                        

    This types of steel hammer rods is spare parts of Crusher GENERALBREAKER,which belongs to consumables,and its application is wide.Using different crushers, the size of the drill rod and the tail shape is also different.Excellent crusher parts chisel tool has high wear resistance, high strength, high hardness.In order to meet customer demand, our company developed the different materials of drill rod,ourcompany's hot sale products are EDT,MSB,SOOSAN,BLTB.etc.


Production Process                                                                     HB30G Hydraulic Breaker Hammer Chisel for Excavator





a. High strength,hardenss,wear-resistance.
b. The steel hammer rods is processed with special heat treatment to ensure the breaker rod has enough hardness and toughness.
c. Extend its using life 10%-15% than normal drill rod.


Main shape                                                                                     



Main parameters

Crusher nameModelDN(mm)L(mm)



How to use                                                                                               

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a. Should check whether the Knapper piston is smooth before installation, whether any defaults , whether the sleeve is too large, if there are any problems, please repair and replace it before you install the drill rod
b. The drill rod should be vertical to the objects when operating , if the object is slant, the drill rod should be also vertical to it ,then broke it .

c. Please check whether the stone or the concrete fracture is broken ,if not ,move it to certain distance to strike again ,then the drill rod can be pulled out ,please do not do it with brute force ,this will damage the drill rod .
d. The drill rod cannot be used as a lever to pry stones, tear cracks, which will easily cause breaking to the drill rod.
e. Drill rod may not strike at one place with long time, this will cause high temperature to the tip of the drill rod, the durability will decrease, generally, the strike time can't be more than 30 seconds.
f. If the contact object or objects with the drill rod is too small, too thin, please do not strike .Empty strike will increase the pressure to the piston and the drill rod, then damages will happen.
g. When the knapper drill rod is working, if found any abnormal sound, should immediately stop, to avoid cause damage.
h. Due to the high hit frequency, please filling grease once every 3 hours , to reduce the wear between the drill rod and the sleeve . When not use for long time, please apply antirust oil, in case of rusting.



Heat treatment                                                                                

Hot sale hammer rods for crusher SOOSAN

Hot sale hammer rods for crusher SOOSAN


Hot sale hammer rods for crusher SOOSAN

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Hot sale hammer rods for crusher SOOSAN


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