Dimethiconol (and) TEA-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate DC1785, hair care silicone emulsion

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Product Overview


Product introduction

DC1785 is a high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane alcohol anionic emulsion with 60% content. It is a silicon emulsion with small particle size and is suitable for shampoo, hair care products and skin care products.

DC1785 can improve the dry and wet combing of hair in shampooing and hair care, especially the improvement of wet combing is obvious, and at the same time it can give hair fresh and smooth effect. It has little effect on the foam of shampoo products.






Physical properties


Milky white liquid



Emulsifier type

anionic type

Active substance content


PH value



Product characteristics

Excellent wet and dry carding performance

Excellent smoothness and conditioning

It has a good repair effect on damaged hair.

Easy to add, can be used directly

Excellent compatibility in products

This emulsion has little effect on the foam of shampoo products.

This emulsion has little effect on the viscosity of shampoo products.



Product application

Conditioning shampoo


Baking ointment, hair mask

Body wash

Hair care spray

Skin care products


Precautions for Use

1. DC1785 the recommended dosage in shampoo and hair care products is 1 ~ 4%.

2. DC1785 in shampoo and hair care products, compounding with large particle size or amino silicone oil can achieve better use effect or meet different final product requirements.

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