Fully Automated Liquid Oxygen Oxygen Air Separation Plant Manufacturers

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Product Overview


Cryogenic Oxygen Nitrogen Argon Gas Production Plant Oxygen Liquid Making
Air Separation Unit Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen Generator Plant
Fully Automated Liquid Oxygen Oxygen Air Separation Plant Manufacturers

Product Description

The air separation device is a set of deep-freezing method to extract liquid nitrogen from the air. The process adopts
the deep freezing circulation principle of the low pressure turbine expander to make the air into a liquid state. Then, according to the boiling point of liquid oxygen and nitrogen, the air is rectified in the fractionator to obtain more than 99.99% liquid nitrogen.

Small Scale Cryogenic Oxygen Nitrogen Plant
Middle-large Cryogenic Air Separation Unit

Process Description

The air passes through the air filter, enters the air compressor, compresses to 0.7mpa in the compressor, and then enters the purifier after cooling, where the impurities such as water, carbon dioxide and acetylene in the air are removed. The purified air enters the heat exchanger for heat exchange with the backflow polluted nitrogen. A part of the gas is pumped into the turbine expander through the outlet of the heat exchanger, and the expansion provides a cooling source for the whole set of devices. The other gases continue to cool through the second heat exchanger and then enter the rectifying tower, where they are separated by oxygen and nitrogen. Finally, qualified liquid nitrogen is obtained from the top of the rectifying tower. After decompression by the throttle valve, the liquid air at the bottom enters the condensing evaporator at the top of the tower and the nitrogen heat exchange at the top of the rectifying tower, and then passes through the cooler, the second heat exchanger and the main heat exchanger cooling box as the regenerative purifier.

Product Parameter

Plant Scale
Small Air Separation Plant
Middle-large Air Separation Unit
Nitrogen or Oxygen Yield:
50NM3/H - 1000NM3/H
Liquid Nitrogen or Oxygen Yield
Liquid Argon Yield
Oxygen Purity:
Nitrogen Purity:
Operating Pressure:
Power Supply:
We can customize it according to your requirements.

Equipment Advantages

1. The overall skid-mounted direct connection structure and high pressure hose connection make it unnecessary for users to invest in connecting pipelines and valves between devices, saving your investment cost.
2. The user only needs to make the equipment workshop and the ground and lifting tools in the workshop, without preparing other installation materials and tools.
3. Small size and low footprint.
4. The whole set of equipment has no foundation installation, stable operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
5. Since the equipment adopts internal compression process, the maintenance cost in the later period of the equipment can be minimized to improve the work efficiency.
6. All the single use of the most advanced technology, greatly reduce the energy consumption, save the electricity bill.
7. The cooling mode of the equipment is air cooling, so users do not need to build cooling pools, thus saving capital
8. The equipment installation and debugging period is short, and all the work can be completed in about one month.
9. At present, the equipment has been sold to Syria, Sudan, Nigeria and other countries.
10. The oxygen equipment produced by our company is sold to more than 40 countries and regions, and the installation and debugging personnel have rich experience in overseas installation.

Air compressor
The air compressor adopts screw compressor. The unit to the box type structure, the host for the import, low noise, whole set of unit, lubrication, electricity, cooling, instrument control into an organic whole, realize the mechanical and electrical integration, intelligent controller with PLC control, touch panel provides all the parameter adjustment and monitoring of the key operation parameters, and there are Chinese and English alternative ways of liquid crystal display, automatic protection, automatic alarm, remote control, many sets of linkage and history and so on the function is all ready, realized unattended continuous operation.

Pre-cooling unit
Adopt fully closed inlet compressor, refrigerant will never leak, efficient steam separator and inlet automatic drainer, ensure no liquid water in the outlet air. With imported refrigeration components, the equipment can run continuously for years and months with long service life. The remote signal interface of air inlet and outlet temperature and the remote start and stop signal as well as the equipment running fault signal are left on the equipment to facilitate the linkage monitoring of users. The machine is a box structure, no foundation installation, convenient construction.

The purifier adopts a double-adsorption cylinder structure, one runs and the other regenerates to ensure the air in the column is
clean and the whole fractionator runs longer. To prevent the regeneration temperature from being too high, when the nitrogen temperature at the outlet of the heater is higher than 220℃, the power supply of the heater will be cut off automatically. When the outlet temperature is lower than 180℃, the power supply will be switched on automatically. B when the temperature of the regenerated nitrogen reaches 100℃-110℃, the heating power will be cut off automatically.(temperature can be set according to the situation)

Turbine expansion unit
The turbine expander is manufactured by the institute of physics and chemistry, Chinese academy of sciences. In turbine design and manufacturing has a wealth of experience, the production of patent structure, combined with the use of dynamic and static pressure in the turbine of vortex resistance is strong, large carrying capacity.

Rectification Column
The fractionator adopts aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger, which improves the heat exchange effect and reduces the operating
pressure, so as to minimize the power consumption and save the cost. The fractionating tower is equipped with a dashboard, and the temperature, flow rate and liquid level in the tower are all displayed by digital display instrument, which is intuitive and elegant.

Filling Unit.
Oxygen filling machine is a kind of will after pressurization (cryogenic liquid pumps, or compressors) of high pressure gas
cylinders filling the special equipment, the form can be divided into t type and one word, there are mainly blast wall switch
fixed bracket, the capacity of collecting pipe, valve, pressure gauge, safety valve, hose, etc and fixture, beautiful shape,
reasonable structure, safe and reliable.

Project Case

Applications & Solutions

We supply all kinds of small and medium sized air separation equipment, nitrogen production equipment, oxygen production equipment and liquefaction equipment, etc. Cryo Chains will continue to develop and promote industrial applications and related products to help you improve production efficiency.In addition, Cryo Chains will also provide a range of industrial services, for your business to provide full support.
Through the following industries we serve, you will learn how Cryo Chains can help customers achieve double results with half the effort.
Oil refining, Health care, Aerospace laboratory, diving, Food and beverage, Medicine and biotechnology, electronic, Petroleum and natural gas, Water and wastewater treatment, energy, Metal production, Welding and metal working
chemicals, Pulp and paper, Automobiles and transportation equipment, Glass manufacturing.

1. Liquid oxygen equipment
2. Liquid nitrogen equipment
3. Energy-saving air separation equipment
4. High purity gas equipment
5. Small air separation equipment
6. Industrial oxygen and nitrogen equipment
7. Low temperature air separation equipment
8. On-site gas supply equipment
9. Oxygen generator machine

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