Good Performance Cng Gas Retail Dispenser Best Selling Cng Refilling Equipment For Famous Gas Station

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Product Overview



CNG Dispenser Technical Parameters

basic type

Standard Flow Dispenser
Single line single gun, single line double gun, single line four guns
Double line single gun, double line double gun, double line four gun
Three-line single gun, three-line two-gun, three-line four-gun

technical parameter
working medium
Measurement accuracy
Flow range
Fixed work stress
maximum working pressure
Compressive strength
ambient temperature
Operating Voltage
unit of measurement
Minimum score for reading
Single measurement range
Cumulative count range
rated power
single gun 100W
double guns 200W
four guns 400W

LNG The main technical parameters
working medium
liquified natural gas
ambient temperature
Flow range
atmospheric pressure
Measurement accuracy
Line temperature
work pressure
unit of measurement
input power
Working power
Reading Minimum Score
power supply
Single measurement range
ambient temperature
Cumulative measurement range
99999999.9 9kg
air hose
One inch stainless steel hose
Gas phase recovery hose
1/2 inch stainless steel hose
air gun head
One-inch LNG special filling gun
Gas pipe joint
1/2 inch quick connector

Product Description

product description
The CNG filling machine uses the metering terminal and trade settlement equipment issued in the CNG filling station. Its working principle is as follows:
The compressed natural gas enters the gas dispenser through the transmission pipeline and flows through the gas filter, control valve, check valve, mass flow meter,
The emergency ball valve, the high-pressure hose of the pull-off valve, the gun valve, the air gun, and finally the inflated car cylinder are all qualitatively in the whole process.
The mass flowmeter measures the quality of the gas flowing through the gas dispenser and transmits it to the computer control part of the gas dispenser.
The corresponding volume and amount are obtained by the display screen of the gas dispenser to the user to complete the process of one gas filling.

The main function
1. The machine has a high-gloss backlit LCD screen, which can display unit price, gas volume, and amount on both sides. With overvoltage, overcurrent, anti-surge safety protection functions.
2. It has the function of large-capacity storage, saves 20,000 gas filling records offline, and has the function of checking back and printing
3. It has the function of preset gas filling volume and amount gas filling
4. It has the function of automatic fault diagnosis and automatically displays the fault code CNG
5. The flow meter has the function of pressure and temperature compensation, has the function of breaking protection, and has the functions of pressure relief and sewage discharge.
6. With IC card automatic settlement and management function, with small ticket printing function
7. With power-down data protection data delay display function
8. It has the function of reproducing the latest gas filling data
9. Stop adding gas when the abnormality detection function of the flowmeter is faulty
10. It has functions such as preventing air leakage and stealing air and alarming, and the online cleaning function of filter appliances
11. With manual emergency cut-off function
12. Automatic control of gas pressure to ensure reasonable gas intake

product description
The LNG filling machine is the terminal equipment for trade settlement in the LNG filling station. Its working principle is: use the cryogenic submersible pump in the LNG filling system to boost the LNG in the LNG cryogenic storage tank into the LNG filling machine, and pass the cryogenic submersible pump in the LNG filling system. Valves and low-temperature mass flow meters are filled from the LNG sealed gun head into the LNG automobile steel cylinder, and the gas dispenser accurately measures and converts the LNG flowing through it.

Performance advantage
1. The main body of the chassis is made of stainless steel, which is convenient for maintenance, novel in appearance, beautiful and concise.
2. Select the first-line flowmeter at home and abroad, you can choose two modes of volume gas filling or mass gas filling, and the measurement is accurate
3. The liquid separator of the adder ensures that the liquid entering the flow meter does not contain and contains as little gas as possible, thereby improving the accuracy of gas filling
4. With density, flowmeter drive gain detection function and flowmeter zero point correction function, which further improves the gas filling accuracy.
The safety valve is set in multiple ways, which greatly improves the safety of the gas dispenser.
5. There is an air purging interface for the air filling gun, which can purge the air filling gun, which can effectively delay the wear of the air filling gun and prolong the sealing life.
6. With power-down data protection function, data extension display and repeat display function

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1) Carry out strict testing in the production process.
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