Factory Direct Selling salt water treatment machine sodium hypochlorite generator for swimming pool filtration plant

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Price:$6,250.00 - $6,280.00
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1. sodium hypochlorite generator

2. chlorine dioxide generator

3. all kinds of electrolysis disinfection and sterilization equipment

4. industrial wastewater treatment equipment

Product Paramenters

Main Products

High Concentration Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
HADA’s invention patent product
Fully automatic operation
Components come famous brands
Excellent design, flexible capacity arrangement, easy installation.
The maximum output of active chlorine can reach 50,000 g/h
The concentration of sodium hypochlorite solution is 5%~13%

New Split Type Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
The only raw material-- salt is safe and easily get
Controlled by the PLC smart center, quality assurance
Remote real-time monitoring and maintenance services
The maximum output of active chlorine can reach 60,000 g/h
The concentration of sodium hypochlorite solution is 0.7%~0.9%
Have CE certificate, meet drinking water standards
Patented electrolyzer saves salt and electricity consumption

New All-in-one Type Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
Controlled by the PLC smart center, easy to operation
Remote real-time monitoring and maintenance services
Integrated design, small occupation area, high efficiency
The maximum output of active chlorine can reach 500 g/h
The concentration of sodium hypochlorite solution is 0.7%~0.9%
Meet multiple needs, such as rural, family and hospital

All-in-one Hypochlorous Generator
Production concentration is 100-500ppm (can
be customized);
Sodium removal can reach 99.9%;
Automatic operation, lower the cost
Liquid treatment capacity can reach 300L/hr
The certificate is complete: CE, FCC, RoHS, MSDS
Safety, stability and high efficiency

Automatic Chemical dosing system
Automatic 24-hour continuous operation
food-grade PE tanks as storage tanks for liquid medicine
The volume of medicine storage tank can be customized according to user needs
Dosage mode can be programmed with PLC or timer
Instrument can be configured for online monitoring of dosage

Why Choose Us

Experienced professional company
HADA has been focusing on water treatment since 2005
Technological innovation as the source of enterprise development
Sincere pre - sales and after-sales service
Inquiry and consulting support.
Training to instal and use the machine Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Reliable quality, stable and efficient output, remote real-time monitoring
You get what you pay for
we will not lower the price iin the sacrifice of quality

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About Price

HADA PROMISE, WE WON'T lower the price in the sacrifice of quality.
It's reasonable that price always stand in a important position when people placing an order, and I'd like to say something about the price.
Let's just take an example of electrolytic cell, you may think the cells are the same if the capacity is same, but do you have any idea about the plating recipe? It really effect the life of electrode!!! And you know how many times we plate? 25 times!!! and some factories may short this or that, which can make their price sometimes increditable low.
So, what do you think ?
You get what you pay for, we can even make a list containbrands, model numbers, specification of every single components, accessories in the equipment to you, just wanna let you know, we are not those companies who lower the price by reducing the quality.

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