PVC honeycomb Biological filters for cooling tower trickling filters

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PVC honeycomb Biological filters for cooling tower trickling filters

Cooling Tower Fill is one of the most important components for exchange of gas and water in cooling tower. It is the major parts to improve the efficiency of cooling tower and make sure the economy and safe operation. With the development of the plastic industry, countercurrent tower drench water plastic packing "W" shape ladder wave, obliquely wave, which has the heat dissipation ,good performance ,Ventilated small resistance, durable, based on the easy and other advantages, it is widely used in different types of large, medium, small, cooling tower.

150mm, 305mm, 610mm, 915mm

Block PVC cooling tower fill
Green PVC cooling tower fill
White PP cooling tower fills

Product Introduction

PVC honeycomb Biological filters for cooling tower trickling filters

Bevel Tips promotes drainage at fill pack interfaces. Note: Packs are always installed with Bevel Tips at bottom of pack.
• Patented "MA"(Mechanical Assembly) Technology for glue-free packs.
• Engineered microstructure for improved water distribution and thermal mixing
• High thermal performance
• Improved water distribution
• Proprietary edge trim that directs water to both sides of sheet
• Material meets Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) Standard 136
• Available in PVC

Product Processing

Product Packing

How shall we choose the PVC fill for the cooling tower
The cooling tower size and shape will decide which kinds of fills will be used. Round cooling towers use the fill media with a round shape, square cooling towers use the square or rectangle shape. There is another special shape of the fill, such as the trapezoid shape fill,it can be used in square cooling tower too. About the cooling tower fill thickness, It ranges from 0.27mm to 0.5mm. Some people thought the thicker, the better. Considering the tower’s size and installation
method,we advise to use the suitable thickness. If the width is less than 1.22meter, we advise to use the thickness less than 0.38mm; if the thickness is more than 1.22meter, such as 1.52meter, we advise the thickness should be more than 0.38mm. It is like apaper. If the width is very large, the thickness should be thick enough to bear the weight and strength.

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