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Product Overview


Modified Polystyrene HIPS Injection Grade HIPS Plastic granules Virgin& Recycled HIPS


Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Product name
Polystyrene (HIPS)
HIPS Raw Material
White opaque beads or particles
The Vicat softening point
1.04-1.06 g/ml
The heat distortion temperature:
The bending strength
29.4~50 MPa
1 Ton

Product Description

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
High impact polystyrene , also known as HIPS, is a thermoplastic material made from elastomer modified polystyrene.High impact polystyrene (HIPS), as ecru opaque particles. With high impact strength and toughness, molding processability, resistance to chemical corrosion, electric performance is very good as well.HIPS granules can be used in injection or extrusion and shaped into a variety of products, injection temperature is 160-180 degrees,the pressure of 70 mpa.

Product Description
High-impact polystyrene, also known as HIPS, is a thermoplastic material made of elastomer-modified polystyrene. The two-phase system composed of a rubber phase and a continuous polystyrene phase has developed into an important polymer product in the world. This general product has a wide range of impact properties and processing properties, making it widely used , Such as used in automobiles, appliances, electric products, furniture, household appliances, telecommunications, electronics, computers, disposable products, medicine, packaging and entertainment markets.
High-impact polystyrene, a small amount of polybutadiene is bonded to a polystyrene matrix. It has a "sea-island structure", the matrix is plastic, and the dispersed phase is rubber. Has many characteristics:
1. Impact-resistant polystyrene is a thermoplastic resin;
2. Odorless, tasteless, hard material, good dimensional stability after forming;
3. Has excellent high-dielectric insulation;
4. It is a non-quality and low water absorption material;
5. Its gloss is good and easy to paint.

Application Field
Due to its convenient manufacturing and low cost, HIPS is widely used in many appliances and industries. The main industries and markets include packaging, disposable products, appliances and consumer appliances, toys and entertainment products, construction products and decorations. The largest single application of HIPS is packaging, especially packaging in the food industry, with more than 30% of the world's consumption.

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