Professional Manufacture 99% Sodium Gluconate in concrete sodium ferric gluconate

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Product Overview


Product Description

Professional Manufacture 99% Sodium Gluconate food grade additives raw material sweetener Sodium Gluconate powder
Professional Manufacture 99% Sodium Gluconate in concrete sodium ferric gluconate
Sodium gluconate is a kind of sodium polyhydroxy carboxylic acid, which is also known as sodium hydroxy caproate, which is white or light yellow crystalline granule or powder, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, and insoluble in ether. The product has good effect of retardation and high efficiency water reduction, and is widely used in construction, washing, food and medicine industry.


white or yellow crystalline powder or granula
Loss on dry w/%
0.40 max
0.02 max
Sulfate ,w/%
0.02 max
Reducing substances, w/%
0.50 max
pH(10% solution)
6.2 ~ 7.8
Pb ,ppm
1 max
Arsenic salt ,ppm
2 max

Product characteristics
1. As cement setting retarder.
2. As water reducing agent.
3. Reduce the slump loss.
4. It is suitable for formulating concrete for hydraulic, marine, port, culvert, tunnel, bridge, road and other projects.
5.It is suitable for various mortars.

Product Precautions
1. This product is non-toxic and harmless, biodegradable, but not edible.
2. If it gets into the eyes, it should be rinsed with plenty of water in time.
3. If you cause allergies to part of the human body, you should consult a doctor in time.

1. As retarder: Sodium gluconate can significantly delay the setting time of concrete.
2. As water reducer: it can enhance workability.
3. As water reducer: it can improve the intensity.
4. As water reducer: it can reduce the cement content.
5. When using this product, it must be accurately measured and stirred evenly.

Packing & Delivery

Package & Storage
1. This product is 25kg bag and 1000kg ton bag.
2. Products should be stored in 0℃-40℃ temperature environment, without direct sunshine, without getting wet in the
rain and leaking water, without mixing impurities, without evaporation of water.
3. The shelf life is 12 months.

Company Profile

Henan Fuluorui New Materials Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of concrete admixtures in China. Our company is committed to the R&D, production and application promotion of high-performance polycarboxylate water-reducing agents and the raw materials. It is the earliest domestic company to develop functional monomers for polycarboxylate water reducer and one of the earliest companies
to develop and promote synthetic compound raw materials.

The company relies on Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology to establish a R&D center composed of doctors, masters and other highly educated personnel. The company has advanced production equipment, stable operation and standardized management.

Henan Fuluorui has formed a global industrial value chain integrating of pioneering technology, advanced technology, leading products and industry system solutions. With a huge brand service network, solid customer relations, leading product R&D and professional services, Henan Fuluorui has not only won the trust of customer, but also accumulated a high reputation in the field.


Q1.Are you a manufacturer or trade company?
Re: Our company is a leading manufacturer and exporter of concrete additives . We have been operating for 20 years. Our products are sold in both domestic and overseas markets.
Q2.How many cubic of concrete are your products used in each year?
Re:2000 squares of concrete
Q3. How many cubic of concrete produced in China every year?
Re: 3 billion cubic meters of concrete.
Q4. What are the successful engineering project cases you have served?
Re: Such as Xunyang Hydropower Station, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Sihanoukville port, China-Laos Railway, etc.
Q5.May I get one sample before placing order.
Re: Yes, we’d like provide sample for you. For some items, it is free and you only need pay the shipping cost. After we cooperate, free sample will be offered.
Q6. How and when can I get my goods after payment?
Re: For small quantity, it will arrange delivery in 2 days, And for large quantity, it will take about 1-2 weeks.
Q7. Do you have OEM or OEM service?
Re: Yes. If need, we can customized for you.
Q8. How can you guarantee the goods you offers is qualified?
Re: We extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items .All the goods are inspected before shipment. And we will show the goods production for you through video. If the goods can’t come to the quality we promise, you can ask for refund.
Q9. What’s your advantage?
Re: Honest business with competitive price and professional service on export process.
Q10. Where are your factory? Can I visit you?
Re: Sure, welcome to you visit our factory at any time. It is located in Luoyang city, Henan Province.
Q11. What kind of payment does your company support?
A: Usually Payment terms 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before delivery. If you need other payment method, please contact us.
Q12. Can you proceed by our specification and package?
A: Definitely is available, we do OEM service and any of your request about package can be customized.
Q13. What are you supply the high strength concrete?
A: We supply the high strengh concrete is C130
Q14. Are you professional in concrete business?
A: You can search other company in alibaba, we think our professional technical support and service can meet your need.

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