LY-Y304-1 Aluminum alloyed semi-synthetic cutting oil

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Product Overview


Aluminum alloyed semi-synthetic cutting oil


Product Description


            LY-Y304-1 is one kind of semi-synthetic cutting oil . Its unprecedented unique compound design, enables the semi-synthetic cutting oil to have good effect on capacity, lubrication, cooling, and rust prevention ability. It does not contain nitrite, sulfur, lead and other harmful substances on the human body and the environment, with a high degree of biological degradation.It is suitable for all kinds of cutting and grinding work on ferrous metal and nonferrous metal. It is a general kind of Semi emulsion Semi synthetic metal cutting oil.




1. Characteristics                                       

     ♦  Appearance: brownish red transparent oil, pH value: 8.5~9.5(5% dilution solution)

     ♦   Safe, Non-toxic, no stimulation, use conveniently.

     ♦   Good performance of E.P., cooling, cleaning and anti rust property,  wide range of  


       ♦       Enhance process efficiency, reduce power consumption, prolong the lifetime of

   knife tools, improve the smooth of workpieces surface.

       ♦   Good anti-soak, long usage cycle, low cost.


Product Uses


2. Usage method                                          

    ♦   Recommended concentration:

Modular machine tool and machining center:5%    

Grinding, lathe, milling, drilling:5%--10% 

Adjust the concentration according to processing demands.

 ♦  Preparation method:

      first water, after oil. Dilute with the clean tapping water. Prepare the

certain concentration emulsion, stir evenly.

 ♦    Preparation requirement:

      When preparing (replacing) new fluid, should drain out the old fluid, the metal chips

       and the greasy dirt, and clean the liquid storage tank and pipeline thoroughly with

      the circulating water. Then clean tank circularly with 0.5%~1% this dilution solution,

      finally prepare the working cutting solution.  

 ♦  Supply the new fluid:

   When the work solution needs to be supplied, keep pH 8.5 , add water,and also add the

  corresponding quantity LY-Y304 original fluid in proportion to maintain the enough

 concentration of the fluid and pH.  



Original liquid                                                  soluble in water 5%

3. Notes                                                      

The working fluid should maintain clean, ventilated, the machine tool should have the efficient system of filtration and removing dregs, then removing impurities promptly such as iron filings, oil slick and so on. If the machine tool does not start for a long time, should carry on the idle circulation and the oxygenation regularly for the working fluid, detect working fluid density and the pH value regularly, and supply or replace it with the new fluid at the right moment.


Packaging & Shipping


4. Storage                                                    

Store in dry, cool, the well ventilated storehouse, keep from the sun-scorched and rain-drenched in the storage and transportation. We suggest that the storing temperature is not higher than 45℃.


5. Package                                                  

180kg/iron barrel


0.0146 s.