Durable quality stainless steel industrial Iron oxide red drying machine lithium hydroxide continuous disc dryer

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Product Overview


Product Overview

Durable quality stainless steel industrial Iron oxide red drying machine lithium hydroxide continuous disc dryer
plate dryer is a kind of high effect conducting and continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and operating principle determine that it has advantages of high heat efficiency, low energy consumption, small occupying area, simple configuration, easy operating and control as well as friendly operating environment etc. It can be widely used in drying process in fields of chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, foodstuff, fodder, process of agricultural and sideline products etc, and is well received by various sectors in their practical usage. Now there are three big categories, named normal pressure, closed and vacuum styles; four sizes of 1200, 1500, 2200 and 3000 and three kinds of materials, namely A (carbon steel), B(stainless steel used for those all parts where materials are contacted) and C (on the basis of B to add stainless steel materials for vapor pipes, man shaft and support, and stainless steel linings for cylinder body and top cover). With a drying area being from 4 to 180 square meters, now we have hundreds of models of series products and various kinds of auxiliary devices available to meet requirement of drying materials for customers.


Continuous run
High heat efficiency
Simple configuration
Small occupying area
Low energy consumption
Easy operating and control
Friendly operating environment

Heating jacket
Inside structure

1. Continuous operation, high thermal efficiency. The tray-type continuous dryer is dried by conduction heat transfer. During the drying process, only a very small amount (or no) of air is introduced into the dryer, and the amount of exhaust gas carried is very small, so its thermal efficiency can reach more than 65%.
2. Low power consumption and low noise. Due to the thin material layer and low spindle speed in the drying process, the power required by the material conveying system is small, and the power consumption is very small. The power consumption of the complete drying device is only 1/5~1/7 of the power consumption of the convection heat transfer device, and the noise is small.
3. The material is heated evenly and the drying time is short. During the drying process, the material rolls forward along the trajectory of the Archimedes spiral in the drying tray, the distance traveled by the material is 5 times the radius of the drying tray, and falls layer by layer, so the time for the material to contact the heating plate is basically the same, and the heating is very uniform.
4. Small material loss and good environmental protection.
5. Great drying capacity.
6. The equipment is closed and continuously operated, and the labor intensity of workers is low.
7. The drying medium can use the steam generated by the waste heat boiler, thus saving a lot of coal burning.
8. The product quality is stable.

Working Principle

The wet material is continuously fed from the feeder to the drying plate of the first layer on the upper part of the dryer, and the rake arm with the rake leaves rotates to make the rake arm rotate, so that the rake leaves continuously turn over the material. The material flows over the surface of the drying tray along the exponential spiral, the material on the small drying tray is moved to the outer edge, and falls to the outer edge of the large drying tray below, on the large drying tray, the material moves inward and falls from the middle.
The material mouth falls into the following layer of small drying trays. The large and small drying trays are arranged alternately up and down, so that the material can flow through the entire dryer continuously. A heating medium is introduced into the hollow drying pan. The heating medium is in the form of saturated steam, hot water, heat-conducting oil and high-temperature molten salt. The heating medium enters from one end of the drying pan and is led out from the other end. The dried material falls from the last layer of drying tray to the bottom layer of the shell, and is finally moved by the rakes to the discharge port for discharge.
The moisture overflows from the material and is discharged from the moisture outlet on the top cover, and the moisture in the vacuum disk dryer is discharged from the vacuum pump port on the top cover. The dry material discharged from the bottom layer can be packed directly.
By adding auxiliary machines such as fin heater, solvent recovery condenser, bag filter, dry material back-mixing mechanism, induced draft fan, etc., its drying production capacity can be improved, and drying paste and heat-sensitive materials can be easily recovered. Solvent, and can carry out pyrolysis and reaction operations.


*  Install power is basic data, it will change according to specific material circumstances.
* Occupied area will be different because of different layout design according to customer's site.


(1) Organic chemical products
Polyvinyl chloride resin, polytetrafluoroethylene resin, fumaric acid, anthraquinone, nitroanthraquinone, p-aminophenol, melamine, cyanuric acid, p-aminobenzenesulfonic acid, antioxidant 168, color phenol As, hard Fatty acid salt, aniline, nitroaniline, dipentaerythritol, chlorinated paraffin, calcium formate, triethylenediamine, EDTA, rubber accelerator, sodium benzene sulfinate, isophthalic acid, sodium dimethyl pentasulfonate, Thiourea, oil-soluble nigrosine dye, acid black dye, indigo and other organic chemical raw materials and intermediates.
(2) Inorganic chemical products
Light calcium carbonate, activated calcium carbonate, nano-scale ultra-fine calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, sulfide concentrate, pyrite, copper-nickel ore, aluminum hydroxide, white gray black, strontium carbonate, barium carbonate, potassium carbonate, lithopone , insurance powder, silicon powder, barium sulfate, potassium sulfate, microsphere catalyst, magnesium hydroxide, copper sulfate, nickel sulfate, ammonium nickelate, sodium molybdate, sodium chloride, cryolite, red iron oxide, nickel oxalate, oxalic acid Cobalt, iron oxide black, lithium hydroxide, nickel hydroxide, zirconium hydroxide, calcium phosphate,sulfur, etc.
(3) Medicine and food
Ampicillin, Deng salt, L-phenylglycine and intermediates, cefotaxime, ceftriaxone, dipyridine, cimetidine, vitamin B12, vitamin C, medicinal salt, medicinal aluminum hydroxide, medicinal partial Magnesium silicate, caffeine, tea, flower extract, ginkgo biloba, chocolate powder, starch, corn germ and other raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates.
(4) Feed and fertilizer
Potassium carbonate, biological potash fertilizer, protein feed, chlortetracycline for feed, mycelium, bran, distiller's grains,
grain, seeds, herbicides, cellulose, calcium hydrogen phosphate for feed, etc.

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Company Profile

LIAOYANG WANDA MACHINERY CO.,LTD is specialized in design, development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical, food, chemical machinery. Our products include various types of drying machines such as spray dryer, flash dryer, fluid bed dryer, drying oven and vacuum drying machine,etc. As an experienced team, we also help our customer to design and supply the food and drug production line, adopts ISO9001 system management module and manufactures according to GMP and CE standards. Mainly export to Southeast Asia, North America, Africa, Europe etc.

Wanda Machinery not only has a group of capable engineers and senior management personnel with more than ten years of work experience, but also has a group of excellent production personnel. They have excellent capabilities in research, design, service, etc. Over the years, they have devoted themselves to researching and summing up in practice. "Pragmatism, innovation, integrity, pursuit of excellence", a deep understanding is a strong guarantee for the quality of customers' products!

Our company follows strict quality controls and various systematic procedures. We take utmost care of quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.Our research and development wing is our asset that develops and incorporates innovative ideas and products. Our Team is full of experienced and qualified professionals, who have sound knowledge about the quality of our medical machinery.

Looking to the future with a commitment to design innovation and quality products, supported by an outstanding level of customer service. The excellent quality medical machinery can be easily obtained from us because we maintain the quality and standard of our products from incoming raw materials to the finished products.

We sincerely invite you to be our long term relationship friend , and we always prepared to provide our best services for you and would like you to know below we want to present :
1. Each machine is manufactured by professional experienced staff.
2. 12 months warranty + 100% QC inspection Before Shipment.
3. Overseas services provided. Technicians can be sent to spot for guiding the installation and debugging. Training operators and accomplish the commissioning.
4. Consultant services for whole machine life, 24 hours technical support by email and phone.When warranty date expired, lifetime maintenance service is provided and at buyer’s cost.



1. What data is required to confirm the model?
(1) Materials to be dried (2) Treatment capacity per hour (3) Moisture requirements before and after drying (4)Heating
source(electricity/ gas/ thermal oil, etc)

2. What certificates do you have?
We can provide CE, ISO 9001, etc
3. What is the warranty period of the equipment?
Normally 1 year warranty
4. Can we visit your factory?
Sure, we sincerely invite you to visit
5. Can we bring our own materials to your factory for experiments?
Sure, you are welcome at any time. We will arrange professional engineers and technicians to do experiments and analyze data for you on site.
6. Can it be customized?
Sure, our equipment can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.
7. How long is the construction period?
It's about 30 days, but it also needs to be determined according to the specific equipment model, order number, etc., But if you need it urgently, please let us know, we can arrange the factory to rush production.
8. Will you provide installation services?
If you need, we can arrange professional technicians and engineers to install and debug on site.

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