Major Heat Factory Supply Flat Electric Infrared Ceramic Plastic Thermoforming Heater

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Product Overview


Products Description

The infrared ceramic heating element is a high temperature ,long life heating element which adopt to the industrial ,especially in chemical fiber, engineering plastics, plastic machinery, electronics, medicine, food.which is used for heat resistance wire Cr20Ni80. Ceramic elements include ceramic trough elements, ceramic hollow elements, ceramic flat elements, and ceramic infrared bulbs.Ceramic heater plate, mainly used for extrusion,casting and down-stroke machines. The operating temperature can reach up to 900 degree C. Most plastics and many other materials absorb infrared best in this range, which makes the ceramic heater the most popular infrared radiant emitter on the market.

Features: heater high rate of radiation, the overall good performance,fever uniform,high-temperature insulation,hygiene,long life,but also a corrosion-resistant,anti-oxidation.
The surface have the line not effect use.

Product Paramenters

Available in 50w and 250w
Available from 50w to 500w
Available from 50w to 1000w
Available from 50W to 1000w
Available from 50w to 1000W

Application Scenarios


Automobile industry: Sunlight simulation environment warehouse, sealing tape/wire harness heating, whole vehicle painting and baking paint, body part patching and baking process ;
Printing industry: drying and curing process of glue and ink ;
Glass industry: glass annealing and coating drying process ;
Packaging industry: PET blowing, laminating, ink drying process ;
Furniture industry: rapid drying process for water-based/oil-based coatings and paints ;
Rubber industry: surface modification, plastic softening, molding process ;
Food industry: food drying, food heating, food packaging material molding, food high temperature sterilization ;
Photovoltaic industry: battery silicon wafer welding, sintering, substrate drying, spray preheating process ;
Textile industry: coating drying, fabric preheating, drying, pressing and adhesive activation process ;
Household appliances: disinfection cabinets, convection ovens, toasters, toasters, and food ovens;
Shoemaking industry: glue activation and drying process,etc.

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* Expert sales teams are responsible for accurate communication.
* Professional technical teams are responsible for new product development.
* Technical production teams are responsible for assembly line production.
* Expert quality inspection teams are responsible for quality inspection.
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How to order?
pls provide these information:
1.Size and Shape
2.Vottage and Wattage
3.With or Without Thermocouple


1.Dashu Technology Co.,Ltd. is Factory or Trade enterprise?
Dashu Technology Co.,Ltd. is a real manufacture focus on Infrared Ceramic Heater.
2.Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
 Our factory is located in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China .
 It is closed to Shanghai ,only 4 hours if by bus.
3.Which Certificate of your product does your company have?
4.Before order, we need sample for test ,is it ok?
 Yes, of course. We provide sample for test before bulk order.
5.How does your company to control your product quality?
 Quality is the cornerstone of the survival and development of Dashu Technology Co.,Ltd. .
 We control quality from the beginning to the end all the time.

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