Shenzhen Largest Factory Direct Sales 365nm UV LED Light 300W Ink Drying Lamp for Led UV Curing

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Product Overview


Products Description

Machine Detail
Single Machine With Power Controller and Water Chiller 
Applicable People
UV LED Inks Curing, Coating, Gloss Oil Curing  in Printing Industry 
UV Adhesive Glue, OCA Resin Curing, Electronic Industry, TP/LCD Touch Panel, DLP, Wrist Watches, Speaker, Camera Lens, mobile accessories UV glue curing
Printing Industry (Label / Sticker Printing, Flexible Packaging, Silk Screen, Inkjet Printing)
Core Selling Point
Saves Electricity, Long Life Time, Fast to Cure, Environment Friendly, Easy to Move
Machine Type
Lamp may install on the Machine
Power supply
Single Phase 220V 50/60Hz
Lamp Size
Light emitting area
120*25mm (Customizable)
Machine Size
Luminous Power
Power Consumption
365nm / 395nm
Power regulation
Irradiation Distance
Cooling System
Water Chilled
LED Type
3535 / 6868 Korean / LG Imported
Quality Certification
Product Weight
50 KG
1 Unit
1 Year

Product feature:
1. Instant ON/ OFF, NO preheating required.
2. Adjustable curing distance, UV output intensity and conveyor speed.
3. Energy saving and environment Friendly.
4. infrared sensor to stop, protect your products.
5. No infrared radiation, cold light source, suitable for all types of heat-sensitive material curing.
6. Conveyor belt and Lamp with adjustable Size.

Main Application:

1. Electronic Industry:
PCB/PCBA Conformal Green Coating curing.
Optical Adhesive OCA SCA OCR LOCA Optical Glue Curing for Mobile Phone Accessories, Home Appliances, Hands free, Headphone, Speaker, Microphone, Wrist Watches, Camera Lens, LCD touch panel touchscreen adhesive curing, Glass-Metal, Glass-Glass, Glass to
Plastic etc.,
SMT component protection and reinforcement.
Medical instrument uv glue curing.

2. Printing Industry:

Offset, Silk Screen, Flexo, Gravure Printing Inks Curing. (PP, PET PVC, Round Bottles, Cosmetic Packaging, Decal Sticker, Label
Printing Inks Curing)

3. Furniture Industry:
UV Paint, Coatings, Varnish, Wood-Wax Curing

Control system features:
1: Panel display, touch operation, real-time monitoring of the head of the working state.
2: Adjustable light Intensity from 0-100%
3: Temperature monitoring.
4:Infrared sensor control, work mode selection.

Multi Usage UVLED Lamp
1. Flexo Label Printing Inks Curing, Flexible Packaging Roll-Roll Inks Curing
2. Rotogravure packaging Printing
3. Screen Printing Round Shape Object (Bottles, Jars, Stationery, Pencils, Pens, Brand Logo Inks Curing)

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Company Profile

Yunshuo UV LED
Shenzhen YunShuo Lighting Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in Ultraviolet Lamp, LED UV Curing high tech business. Since 2014, We have invested a lot in Research and Development (R&D) as well as sales and services. Our research team consists of professionals and professors from different famous universities in China. We specially concentrate on innovations and development of energy saving, efficient and environment friendly industrial equipment.
Our major products include UV LED Curing System which is widely used in many industries like Printing, Electronic and Furniture Industry. It’s usage include UV inks curing, UV Adhesive UV Resin Curing, Furniture Spray Paint Curing, UV Coating and UV varnish Curing.
We believe in equal opportunities for small business owners. Our motto is to get quality, health friendly and fast speed curing equipment to small bossiness doorstep which give them equal opportunity to grow their business.

Our Advantages

Why YunShuo UVLED?
Our Motto
We believe in equal opportunities for all businesses. Right and affordable instruments are compulsory for each industry. Since 2014, Our Professional Team make sure each client gets quality product within budget.


We hold CE, ROHS, ISO, Chinese High Tech Business and a number of certificates.

Multi-Language Assistance

We reduce the communication gap with the customers. Our team consist of local language speakers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh. Except English, our team members assist in Hindi, Urdu and Bengali Language. Which is well appreciated by our clients.

Product Customization

We support Product customization according to your demand, including (UV / UVLED lamp dimension, conveyor belt size, and all other requirements) which distinguish us from other sellers.

Product Quality

Professional team test the equipment and aging before shipment. We make sure each client gets product at best quality.

OEM/ODM logo

Normally we print our brand on UV LED Curing System. Customized Logo option also available. We do encourage local resellers to join our network.

Main Market

Served for 8 years in China and worldwide, specially in South East Asia, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Brazil and European countries. Our brand name is the quality guarantee.

Packing &shipping


Q1: Are you factory or trading company?
Answer: We are a factory and manufacturer of UV light curing machine. We already served for 8 years. We have professional equipment designers and experienced team who served a number of clients for UV LED Dryers, in a professional way. Moreover, we have special team for sales and after sales services.

Q2: What are your hot products?

Answer: Our hot products are uv resin curing led lamp, UV LED ink curing Lamps, used for decals/sticker/paper sheet printing, Offset Printing UV/LED inks Curing System, UV Adhesive/Glue OCA Curing and Furniture Varnish/Paint LED UV Curing Lamp.

Q3: How about the manufacturing timeline?

Answer: In General, we manufacture and finish testing within 2 working weeks and ship, for normal buy quantity. But for large quantity order, please contact us in advance.

Q4: How about the label and the logo?

Answer: Normally we print our own logo as UV lamp system. Customize label and logo option is workable.

Q5: How much the warranty?

Answer: Machine water chiller and LED UV lamp Power supply warranty is for 1 year. LED curing lamp warranty is for 20000 hours minimum. Moreover, We provide life time technical support.

Q6: How about the Shipping Method?

Answer: TNT/FedEx as well as air shipments and sea shipments are all workable. We recommend most suitable shipment method to the customer. If customer have shipping agent it’s appreciated.

Q7: Do you do OEM or ODM?

Answer: We receive OEM and ODM both type of orders.

Q8: How many units minimum order is Acceptable (MOQ)?

Answer: To facilitate each business, we do accept single unit orders.

Q9: What about After Sales Services?
Answer: Experienced team provide after sales services. Provide you life time technical support. Visit you factory or change the equipment in case of serious problem within warranty period.

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