China Supplier Pd 0.1%-0.5% Spherical Strip Palladium on Alumina Catalyst

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Product Overview


Product Description

The deoxidizer is the multiple metal and precious metal - oxide system, mainly used in nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, helium and other inert gases and other industrial gasesoxygen purification.
Oxygen feed gas impurities absorbed directly by the oxygen scavenger, when the absorption saturation, regeneration through hydrogen reduction can be used repeatedly.
1. Chemical absorption-type;
2. Deoxidizing at normal temperature, deoxidizing high activity, deep deoxidize level, large oxygen capacity, stable and reliable performance;
3. Low regeneration temperature(160 ℃ or so).

Technical parameters

1. Catalyst reactor height-diameter ratio: 3-5;

2. Temperature: room temperature (warming better);

3. Regeneration temperature: 160℃~200℃;

4. Space velocity: ≤1000hr-1;

5. Air oxygen content: ≤1000ppm;

6. Purified gas residual oxygen content: ≤0.5ppm;

7. Visual shape: black cylinder φ(2~6)mm;

8. Bulk density: 1.1 ± 0.1g/ml;

9. Working pressure: ≤2MPa;

10. Mechanical strength: 50N/grain;

11. Deoxidizing capacity: room temperature: 10ml/g;

12. Service life: ≥5years.


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Company Profile

INNER MONGOLIA LUDINGYUAN CO.,LTD is build in 2012, It is a invite investment enterprise attracted by and strongly supported by the Ordos Government of Inner Mongolia. INNER MONGOLIA LUDINGYUAN CO.,LTD is located in Ordos Airport logistics Park,mainly import and export PVC,paraffin wax,urea and other products. We persist in market innovation, management innovation, technology innovation and system innovation, and are committed to becoming a new force in the new economy, new business forms and new models of Inner Mongolia.

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