MR.Film Coating Machine for Hollow Glass PLC Contral Machine Plastic Lminator Without Damage The Glass and Efficient

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Product Overview


Max Width
Coating Directions
Two side coating(horizontal)
Two side coating(horizontal)
Two side coating(horizontal)

Usage Instruction
After coating,the film 2-2.5cm length on the edge need to be torn off by hand for aluminum installation and cover silicone sealant.The coating machine can achieve two side coating for protective film and collect the unless film simultaneously.In this way,it is more effective for coating.

1.Automatically detect the thickness,width and length of the incoming glass,and automatically cut the film according to the specified size,which can achieve the effect of leaving the film at the middle of glass and without film on glass four edges.
2.The positioning of the shaft in the lifting platform will not scratch the glass and damage the conveying roller.
3.Waiting function to control the spacing between glasses,reduce the waste of the film and avoid scratching the glass.
4.Brake device to adapt to the tightness of the film and adjust strength.
5.The feeding roller and the releasing roller are air shafts,which will be more convenient to exchange materials.
6.Custom cutting knife to achieve automatic double-sided film cutting,and without scratch on glass.
7.PLC program control,there are automatic mode,semi-automatic mode and manual mode,which is convenient for different requirements.

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The product is first packed with pearl cotton, and the exterior is wrapped with a waterproof layer and kraft paper, and then packed. After packing, the pallet is covered with a waterproof layer.

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A:We are a manufacturer with our own factory.

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A:Our company is in Building 6, 99 Duruan West Road, Duruan Town, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China.

Q:Can you provide the samples?
A:Of course.We will send freely if just few samples.

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