RF transmitter 433MHz and wireless remote control switch DC12V relay

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Product Overview


Product Paramenters

Working temperature:
-20 centigrade--70 centigrade
Product name:
Receiver Module
Decoding type:
copy type
Product model:
Remote control distance:
>30m(Open distance)
Working voltage:
Working frequency:
Working current:
Product size:
Transmission speed:
Output data:
TTL electrical level
Receiving sensitivity:
Product application:
Garage door,anti-theft alarm,etc

Operating Instructions

Operation method:
1.Learning / code checking method:
press and hold the learning / code clearing switch,the LED light is on, and then press the remote control, the light will flash, indicating that the learning is successful.(when the light is on for 2 seconds,if you don'tpress the remote control, it will automatically go out. Press the remote control when the light is on tolearn.When the light is off, you can't learn bypressing the remote control again.)

2.Clearing method:
long press the learning / clearingswitch until the light is on for 2 seconds, and turn off after the light flashes for 3 times, indicating that the clearing is successful.

1. Self locking mode:
In the same remote control, if the status is on when you press key a,
you need to press key a again to turn it off.
(If you press the a key and the status is on, and then press the B key, the status of the B key will also be on, not off.)

2. Jog mode(Momentary Mode):
In the same remote control, any remote control button, when
pressed and held, the indicator light is on, and then it goes out after you let go.
(For example, for keys a and B, when you press and hold key a, the indicator light will light up and go out after you let go.
Similarly, when you press and hold key B, the indicator light will light up and go out after you let go.)

3. Interlock mode:
In the same remote control, if the state is on when pressing key a, the
state is off when pressing key B.

Matters needing attention:
1. Do not operate with power on, turn off the power supply for operation, and turn on the power for use after the test is confirmed to be correct.
2. When the remote control voltage is insufficient, please replace the battery in time (when the remote control battery voltage is insufficient, the general remote control distance becomes closer).
3. When using wireless electronic products, pay attention to avoid strong interference sources such as metal masks, large electronic equipment and electromagnetic fields, so as to avoid the short distance between the remote control and the receiving or failure to work normally.
4. Do not use this electronic product abnormally. Abnormal use will reduce the performance and service life of the product. In serious cases, it will damage the product and cause losses to you.

Packaging and Delivery


Delivery way:
We usually transport goods through DHL, FedEx, ups and TNT. We can also choose your preferred mode of transportation according to your requirements


Q1.Are you a manufacturer? Yes, we have our own factory, R&D department,production line, SMT&Plug-in,automatically screw driver
machine etc . Q2.Can I visit your factory? Certainly,welcome.Our address: No. 10, 1st lane, 1st Road, Shijie village, Yantian,
Fenggang town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Q3.Could I order one piece for sample to test the quality? Yes, samples
can be provided. Q4.What should I know before ordering? Please let me know the frequency (433.92 is the most common frequency),
code (fixed code EV1527, rolling code HCS301 or duplicator). And please also let me know the quantity, our MOQ is 100pcs. Q5.What
about your delivery time? For samples, 3~5 working days, for bulk order, 7~20 working days. Q6.Do you accept OEM order? Yes. We
customized a lot of items for our clients. Q7.What kind of payment do you accept? We accept T/T(Wire transfer),Western Union and
PayPal, Credit card. TT can be 30% prepayment before production, 70% balance payment before shipping.

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