Original Manufacturer Liquid Chromatograph Intelligent Full-controlled High Performance Liquid Chromatography

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Product Overview


Product Description

Original Manufacturer Liquid Chromatograph Intelligent Full-controlled High Performance Liquid Chromatography 


Product Introduction

High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) is an instrument based on the principle of high performance liquid chromatography, which is mainly used to analyze less-volatile and thermal-unstable organic compounds with high boiling point and large molecular weight. It consists of reservoir, pump, sample injector, chromatographic column, detector and recorder. The mobile phase in the reservoir is pumped into the system by a high-pressure pump, and the sample solution passes through a sample injector then enters the mobile phase, which loads the sample solution into a chromatographic column (stationary phase). 


Product Parameter


Qualitative repeatability(Retention time)RSD≤0.3%
Quantitative repeatability(Area)RSD≤0.6%
Flow rate range0.0001-10.000mL/min( increments :0.0001 mL/min)
Max operating Pressure 42MPa
Pressure pulsation<0.1MPa( Test condition: 10MPa , at 1.0ml/min methanol)
Flow accuracy±0.2%( Test condition: 10MPa , at 1.0ml/min methanol)
Flow precision

RSD≤0.06%( Test condition: 10MPa , at 1.0ml/min methanol)

Gradient accuracy±1%

Column oven

Temperature setting range

5 °C ~ 85 °C

Temperature stability


Temperature controlling precision

 ±0.1 °C

Auto sampler

Injection Volume Precision

<0.25%RSD( full loop) ; <0.5%RSD( partial loop) ; <1%RSD( no waste)


Cross Contamination(Carry Over)<0.01%
 Sample Capacity120 samples( 1.5ml vials)
Syringe250 μL( Standard, with 500μL,1000μL, 2500μL optionals)
Sample Loop20μL( Standard, with 50μL, 100μL, 200μL optional)
Optional sample chamber cooler4 °C ~ 30 °C(4 °C lowest)
Injection volume range1-100 μL



Production Configuration

1. P3200B binary low-pressure gradient high-pressure pump / P3200Q quaternary low-pressure gradient high-pressure pump

2. AS3200 autosampler;
3. S03200 solvent manager;
4. CT3200 heating and cooling column thermostat;
5. UV3200 ultraviolet detector;
6. Chromatography workstation.


Production Performance

1. Mainstream split design, complete system testing function, to meet most testing needs;
2. Customized acetonitrile-resistant check valve;
3. The new cam curve design adopts electronic pulsation suppression technology and solvent
compression compensation to further reduce pressure fluctuations and ensure higher repeatability of test results;
4. Standard configuration of plunger rod online cleaning function;
5. 1800L/mm grating imported from France;
6. Optional UV, ELSD, FLD, DAD detectors from our company;
7. Fully intelligent counter-control chromatography workstation.


Product Application

Food, medicine, environment, agriculture and scientific research


Case 1: Fingerprint of Gastrodia elata formula granules






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