Industry Leading Price for Cemented Carbide Button Drill Bit

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Product Overview


High Wear Resistance Cemented Carbide Button
1. 100% virgin raw materials.
2. Various kinds of grades are availalbe based on customer's application.
3. we have professional advanced production line and inspeciton equipments to ensure high quality products.
4. Precision Ground and high polishing process
5. High wear resistance,high hardness and impact toughness
6. Advanced technology , precise grinding.

Product Description

1. Description of HPGR studs
High Pressure Grinding Roller is an energy-efficient crushing equipment of new technologies. High performance of carbide stud
extends the life of High Pressure Grinding Roller. Zhuzhou Better provide quality carbide stub with good wear resistance and high
compressive strength, can satisfy the requirements of different conditions.

2. Application of the HPGR tungsten carbide cement grinding studs
.Grinding bulk material.
.As pre grinding equipment before ball mill or form complex grinding system with ball mill in the field of mineral separation,
.Widely used in grinding cement clinker,limestone,bauxite,iron ore.

1. Utility carbide shape.
2. Good wear resist,
3 Very suited for drilling hard rock,milling products
4 Suited for abrasive to very abrasive drilling conditions
Product types of Tungsten carbide tire studs/carbide tire pins/carbide tire stud spikes

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Button bits for coal mining
These tungsten carbide button bits are mainly used for coal mining, coal cutting picks, electric coal drill bits, coal mining
cutter picks, roadway excavation, rotary drilling for pile hole, pavement milling.Such as Bob's bit, Rotary bit,Digger button bit
and so on. Gungnir Industry Ltd offer high performance button bit,and the quality reach the international top level, such as
Sandvik, Kennametal.

Carbide button bits for construction
Such carbide button bits are mainly used for bridge pile foundation excavation, tunnel shield, urban road crossing, mining wear
parts, high-speed railway, highway maintenance and the like. These products are complex in specification, with wide range of
applications, stable and reliable quality.

Carbide button bits for oil-field
The button bits are mainly used for tri-cone drill bits for oil and gas fields excavation and large-scale open-pit mine . And they
are made into Tricone bit,PDC bit, horizontal directional driling system(HDD),with excellent product stability, ensuring the
safety and reliability of deep mining.

Mining button bit
These products are mainly used for high and low pressure DTH drill and hydraulic screw-in drill and so on, suitable for hot insert
or cold pressing bit inserting process, with some of the materials used in the welding process. These bits are made into DTH
hammer Anchor bit, Top hammer, Cluster hammer, and so on.They are stable in quality, excellent in performance, meeting or
exceeding domestic advanced level, and with complete product variety and first-class service.

Production Process of high lifetime Cemented Carbide button stud pins HPGR for breaking stones formations

To ensure the quality and the requirements of the drawings can be met before mass production
1st:, Start to prepare the RTP powder as per customer’s requirement with our wet-grinding machine
2nd, Before mass production, do a trial pressing and sintering using mould,
3rd, Check the appearances and the sizes of the samples with micrometer, projectors etc.

Test process of high lifetime Cemented Carbide button stud pins HPGR for breaking stones formations
1st,Mass production, press the raw materials to shape blanks,
Notes: all carbide stud pins blanks must be passed by semi finished inspection

2nd,Sinter blanks to finish (HIP) and finished products inspection,
Notes:10 sets of vacuum sintering furnace and 2set of HIP in the factory ensure the best quality and production capacity.

3rd,Cleaning/tumbling to make the carbide stud pins clean and nice surface.

Main product
Our Main products include : Carbide teeth,Carbide ball and seat, Carbide plates for agriculture wear parts, Carbide gipper,
Strips, Bushings, Seals ring, Brazed tips, Nozzles, End Mills & Drill Bits, CNC inserts, Rotary Burrs, Grits, Customized carbide
cutter: Woodworking tool cutter, V-cutter, mining tool, Any customized carbide products are acceptable.

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