Red co extruded film customized bubble composite bag bubble cosmetic packaging thickened buffer bubble bag

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Product Overview


1: Is the bubble packaging bag environmentally friendly and strong, and is there any harm?

The bubble bag is a new type of green environmental protection cushioning and shockproof material, with good shock absorption and impact resistance, light weight, firmness, good transparency and elasticity. It is a healthy packaging material that is non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant.

2: Is it easy to write and label on the surface?

The surface of the bubble bag is flat, easy to write, beautiful, and can be labeled; different patterns, trademarks and characters can be printed according to customer requirements.

3: Are there any problems with turbidity, color and uneven distribution of bubble packaging?

The new material bubble bag is very snow-white, and there is nothing in it. It is mainly white, and it can be made in different colors according to different requirements, and there will be no uneven distribution.

4: Is the bubble packaging bag strong against cold?

It has good cold resistance and can maintain a flexible type at -50 degrees Celsius without brittleness. It is suitable for storage and transportation of the packaged materials in a cold environment.

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