3151SD Endress Hauser Absolute Gauge Pressure Cerabar Digital Pressure Transmitter

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Product Overview


3151SD Differential Pressure Transmitter
The pressure of 0 to 13.79MPa on either side of the transmitter will not cause damage, and it meets the performance requirements when working within the static pressure range of 3.45kPa to 13.79kPa
product description
· Accuracy: 0.075%, turndown ratio 100:1
· Differential pressure: calibration range from 0.125kPa to 6890kPa
· Gauge pressure: calibration range from 0.125kPa to 41370kPa
· Absolute pressure: calibration range from 0.374kPa to 6890kPa
· Process Isolation Diaphragms: Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C-276, Monel, Tantalum
· Compact design, durable and easy to install
· Can measure negative pressure

product description:
3151 smart transmitter is a small smart transmitter introduced with advanced digital circuit and communication technology. It is suitable for measurement of flow, liquid level and pressure (differential pressure, gauge pressure and absolute pressure). Compared with the traditional transmitter, the 3151 smart transmitter reduces the weight by 1/3, the comprehensive performance is improved, and the accuracy is 0.075, 0.1 and 0.2 for users to choose. It is an ideal measuring instrument in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power station, light industry and municipal engineering. The 3151 series smart transmitter adopts the HART communication protocol and supports the technical upgrade to the field bus.

working principle:
The measured pressure is converted into a capacitance variable by a capacitive sensitive element, directly converted into a digital signal by the A/D circuit, and sent to the microprocessor after conversion. The digital signal corrected by the operation is then converted into a 4~20mADC output signal by D/A. Send to display/adjustment instrument or DCS and other devices. The communication line converts the measured pressure digital signal from the dimensional processor into a frequency signal and superimposes it on the 4~20mADC analog signal, which is received by the corresponding HART terminal equipment.

·High stability and reliability
The high-sensitivity pressure-sensitive element is a fully sealed design, and the stress isolation structure and overvoltage self-protection ensure the stability and reliability of the sensitive element.
·Automatic compensation function
The correction coefficients of pressure and temperature characteristics stored in the EEPROM are used for the main control unit microprocessor to perform linear and temperature automatic compensation, so that the 3151 can only transmit with high precision and little influence of temperature.
·Digital communication, data storage
HART Communicator communication enables remote setting, detection and diagnosis. And the set configuration data is stored in the non-volatile EEPROM of the circuit board, and these data will not be lost after the power is turned off. Power cycle the transmitter to resume operation immediately.
·Five-digit LCD output display
The five-digit LCD indicator can display the digital reading of the measured pressure (including engineering units, such as: kpa, kgf/c㎡, mbar, mmH2O, etc.), the percentage of the range (%) and the output current (mA).
·Configuration protection
In order to prevent the configuration data of the transmitter from being changed arbitrarily, the stored data can be locked through the protection switch.
·Local zero and span adjustment
The S and Z buttons of the main control unit are used by the user to adjust the zero point and span of the transmitter without a configuration device.
·Explosion-proof mark
The explosion-proof type of this instrument includes intrinsic safety (Ex ia IIC T5) and flameproof type (Ex d II C T5), all of which have passed the national explosion-proof standard certification.
· Strong interchangeability of parts
Regardless of the range and output form, the flanges, connectors, electrical housings, display heads, end caps and mounting brackets can be interchanged, and the intelligent circuit boards can also be interchanged. After replacing the electronic version, you need to re-set the zero point and range . The sensors can also be interchanged, and the measuring range can also be changed by replacing the sensor, but it also requires recalibration after replacement.

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