Soap Noodles 8020 Snow White TFM 78% Toilet Soap

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Soap Noodles 8020 Snow White TFM 78% Toilet Soap Making Price

Plant-based soap noodles

Soap noodles are made from Palm oil, Palm Kernel Oil Coconut Oil. They are saponified, usually using sodium hydroxide to form a
salt of the fatty acid.Soap Noodles constitute the very basic form of soap.

Plant-based soap nibs for toilet soap (raw materials of palm oil and laurel oil), white in color and milder

 Animal-based soap noodles

Soap manufacturers add pigments, fragrances and other component to create their own unique soap. Different specifications of soap
noodles are used depending on the type of soap to be manufactured e.g. Toilet soap, laundry soap, transparent soap,washing powders
or other soap cleaning products.
Animal-based soap noodles (tallow or industrial animal oil) for laundry soap have good transparency and yellowish.


1.Tallow base soap noodles for laundry Soap (tallow or industrial animal oil),tallow base soap noodles have good transparency and
2.Vegetable base soap noodles for toilet soap (raw material of palm oil and lauric oil),white color and milder.
3. Moisturizing, beautifying and nourishing your skin.
4. Contain sterilization plant extracts, eliminate skin bacteria efficiently, keep skin healthy.
5.Natural fruit essence, it will leave your skin mild nourishing whilst eliminating bacteria, and then leave
your whole family obtain overall protection.


Total Fatty Matter %
Moisture %
Free Fatty Acids as Palmitic %
Sodium Chloride as NaCl %
Glycerin Content%
Titre °C

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Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details : 25kg/bag ; 20MT/20GP


1. Q: Can I get some samples?
1.Can you give me some samples?
A: It is our pleasure to provide you with the sample so that you can purchase at ease.

2. When is the delivery time?
A: Orders for 40HQ containers usually take about 35 days.
But the exact delivery time depends on the mode of transportation and the quantity you buy
3. Q: Can I mix different models in one container?
Yes, we have two styles and three sizes.

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