Green Joy China best price liquid fertilizer high quality NPK fertilizer

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Product Overview


High K type

Main Technical Indicators
Humic Acid ≥30g/L
N+P2O5+ K2O ≥500g/L
 Humic Acid,Nitrogen、Phosphorus、Potassium & calcium、magnesium or micronutrients;Or customized
Application crops
Applied to foliar spraying or drip irrigation of rice, corn, wheat, soybean, cotton, peanut, oilseed rape, pepper, watermelon,
tomato, cucumber and apple、grape、cherry、kiwi、strawberry、muskmelon and other fruits.
Executive standard
NY1106-2010 (Water Soluble Fertilizer Containing Humic Acid)

Application methods
1、Dilute this product with water 150-300 times and mix well (50-100g of this product /15kg water), for foliar spray: 2、Crops: spray 1-2 times in each phenological period (such as rice or wheat greening period, tillering period, jointing period, booting period, heading period, and filling period); 3、Fruits and vegetables: start spraying at the seedling stage (or before germination), spray once every 10-15 days; 4、Seed dressing: mix the original liquid of this product and dress the seeds, the seeds are 20-40kg/250g (this product), dry and sow;

Anhui Greenjoy Biological Technology Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service, providing comprehensive solutions for crop cutivation, with nearly 30 years of professional experience, covering water soluble Fertilizer, compound Fertilizer, UREA, MKP and so on.
We have the top R & D team and a high-end automation factory.Our R&D team include famous experts and professors from China Agricultura University.Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, Anhui Agricultural University. Using advanced technology, we have developed a number of series of products and achieved 9 national patents and certifications, Meanwhile.we have more than 100.000M2 of production workshop with more than 200 emplovees. which can fully auarantee the needs of customers for products. What we want to do is to combine the best technology with market demand to increase crop yields at a lower cost.
The mission of Anhui Greenjoy is to provide high quality products and services that meet customer requirements.We will let you believe we are worthy of vour trust and we are looking forward to further communication and mutual understanding with you.

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