2mm 350g Cork+ TPE yoga mat for balance board training wholesale custom logo anti-slip mat

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Product Overview


Custom Your Yoga Mat

1. Yoga mat raw material option
You can choose a suitable raw material for your yoga mat. We have shown lots of yoga mats material above for option.
Eco Friendly and Non-slip Material: NBR, PVC, TPE, Cork, Rubber, Suede, Jute, etc.
If you have any ideas to create your own yoga mat, or any questions for the material differences, just contact us now, ScmoCam as the professional yoga mat manufacturer, can offer the one-stop solution to boom your business.

Cork, Suede, Jute Yoga Mat Base Part Material Options
Regular Base: Natural Rubber or Eco-friendly TPE

2. Yoga mat Size Suggestion
The standard size of a yoga mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide. And you can custom one large type yoga mat for tall yoga guys. Or smaller size yoga mat for children. Of course, the larger size, or other shape (like round or square yoga mat), it needs more materials or material loss, that make the yoga mat cost higher. Tell us your ideas, get the right price from us!

Rectangular Yoga Mat Size Options
Regular Base: Natural Rubber or Eco-friendly TPE

Round Yoga Mat Regular Size 140cm, 120cm, or Customized.

3. Yoga Mat Thickness
Super thick mats (which aren’t really yoga mats) are best for gym workouts. For most people who do yoga exercise, the standard yoga mat thickness of 4-6 mm will work just fine. And it deponds on your target customers’ age range, becase age is also a common factor for choosing thickness in a yoga mat.

4. Yoga Mat Texture and Colors
Like stickiness, yoga mat texture affects how much slipping and sliding when people do yoga. Texture can be either man-made (a pattern of raised bumps, for example) or dictated by the materials — jute yoga mats have an organic roughness to them, while PVC yoga mats, though slightly textured, have a softer feel.

5. Yoga Mat Design Options
Once you’ve made your choices down by material, thickness, material, texture, there’s only one factor left: style! So go ahead and pick the yoga mat color, pattern, or print. Custom color and printing ideas for your brand yoga mat to boom your yoga business.

Image Printing
Laser Engraving

Custom Design + Yoga Position Line + Brand Logo for Optional

6. Yoga Mat Packaging Ideas
Finished Yoga mat - Roll Up - Packed Wrap Card/Yoga Mat Carry Strap/Yoga Mat Bag - Carton Box
We accept the customized multi packaging types for your yoga mats as your brand ideas.
Also offer Service of Taking Photo for mass production products, Packaging Design. If you want customized package, please contact us, they will help you for that.

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Packaging & Shipment

Yoga Mat: Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q : Why choose us ?
A : NEH/SCMOCam product has low MOQ , high quality which meets US or EU standard. We provide high level service , accept OEM and Trade assurance order. You can shop without worries.

Q : What is the price term ?
A : The price is for product delivered to Ningbo port and use our forwarder to arrange FOB shipment. If customer choose to use their own forwarder or send to different place in China, the price maybe different because there might be additional inland transportation fees and different forwarder has differt charge standard.

Q: What is yoga mat?
Yoga mat - When people practice yoga used it under the body.

Q: What is yoga mat function?
The main purpose of yoga mat is skidproof and protect knees, hands and feet not to hurt by action. But also provides yoga
practitioners clean environment. In addition, yoga mat can effectively obstruct the cold ground.

Q: What are the types of yoga mat?
A. according to the material to points, generally PVC yoga mats, yoga mats PER, TPE yoga mats, yoga mats EVA, natural rubber yoga mat, yoga mat PVC jute composite, NBR exercise mat and other materials yoga mat.
B. according to the layer number, generally have a single pad and the double-layer composite pad (also called monochromatic pad and two-color pad). Middle of the double-layer composite mat will add a layer of cloth, anti tear resistance. And the double-layer composite pad can be made into positive and negative two colors, positive and negative can use, beautiful and generous. C.According to the color, usually monochromatic pad, two-color pad, polychromatic pad and mixed color pad (also called Rainbow mat).

Q: What is the normal size of yoga mat?
Conventional sizes are two, 173*61cm (68*24 inch) and 183*61cm (72*24 inch). 173*61cm is mainly used for the Asian market. 183*61cm is mainly used in Europe and America market. As the 173cm is cheaper than the 183cm ,some European and American customers will buy 173cm size for product promotion.

Q: What is the conventional thickness yoga mat?
Conventional thickness of 3-10mm. The standard thickness is 6mm. NBR fitness pad thickness are 0.8cm, 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm and 2CM.
NBR exercise mat is mainly used in the high intensity in some games. NBR pad used in yoga is generally 0.8cm and 1cm. In recentyears, more and more European and American market sell, sell better is 1.5cmNBR exercise mat.

Q: What people will buy yoga mats generally?
General fitness supplies wholesalers, retailers, yoga club, looking for promotional products brands, wholesale gift, individual buyers.

Q: How to choose a good yoga mat?
Suitable is the best. Now the yoga mat type is variety, each one has its advantages. The selection criteria are: cost, thickness, weight, softness, skid resistance, resilience, environmental protection, pattern printed on the mat, the mat surface texture.

Q: What kinds of the most routine yoga mat one the market?
At present, the most common is PVC, TPE, NBR pad. Market acceptance is the largest PVC pad cheap. Resilience and environmental protection is the best TPE pad, but the high price. NBR pad thickness and moderate price, and good softness.

Q: Do you have the yoga mat new products?
Yes, our newly developed PER full page color printing yoga mat and PVC jute composite yoga mat.

Q: What is the PER page printed yoga mat?
PER is similar to PVC, but a kind of materials more environmentally friendly than PVC. PER full color printing yoga mat our new is the use of high-end PER environmental protection material to produce the cushion, and then the use of imported UV printing machine in the whole page multicolor printing. Imported ink environmental non-toxic, but will not fall. General yoga mat only a color screen printing small trademark. However, PER color printing yoga mat can be full page color printing, can print a picture. Many people would like the beautiful printed on the mat or personality pattern and bought the yoga mat.

Q: What is the PVC jute composite yoga mat?
It is a yoga mat formed by composite PVC materials and jute line. Jute yarn is pure natural, even after prolonged exposure to the skin without any toxicity. But yoga mat jute look other yoga mat more high-end, suitable for high-end gift market

Q: How many pieces for the Yoga Mat MOQ?
In general, PVC, PER, TPE, EVA and natural rubber MOQ is 1000 per color. NBR pad MOQ is 500 per color. 173*61*0.6cm size PVC yoga mats available year-round inventory, can support MOQ200 / grant. If other orders with production, we can also support MOQ2.

Q: Is yoga mat nontoxic and environmentally friendly?
Yes, all of our yoga mat can be accessed through the EN71, 6P, PAHS, REACH and California 65 environmental test. We can provide the corresponding testing report.

Q: How can we do the most wide for the PVC yoga mat?
According to most factory machines, the most wide do 122cm. In the actual production, often is the production of 122cm width of the cushion, and then cut into two regular middle width of 61cm. Therefore, if the width required to do more than 61cm, the remaining part will become a waste, resulting in prices increase.

Q: I need to provide what information can get a professional offer?
We know that the more information requirement, offer more accurate. We usually need to know: yoga mat material, size, thickness, weight (or density), color, use, order quantity, budget, types of trademarks, trademarks size and printing patterns and size, accessories, packaging requirements.

Q: Can I put my own brand in the product?
Sure. In a yoga mat, usually we can screen printing trademarks, trademark imprint, sewing cloth standard, single roller printing, color full page print. Please draft design to provide trademark or pattern, and inform the printing size requirements for the position.

Q: Yoga mat can I do specify the color?
Yes, please provide the Pantone color. Or we can provide the conventional color image or color to you, you have to determine the color.

Q: Can you provide samples?
Sure. Please inform the material, size, thickness and other requirements for product information.

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