Aquaculture RAS system fish farming online NO3 Nitrate F- Mg2+ cl- Ion Meter multi-parameter water quality analyzer

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Aquarium Multiparameter Water QualityMeter Tester in RS485 Modbus


Part of Water Quality Sensors for MPG-6099 Multi-parameters Water Quality Meter


NH4+NH4+, 0-2300mg/L,analog sensor with digital RS485 module.
NO3-NO3- , 0-2300mg/L,analog sensor with digital RS485 module.
CL-CL-, 0-2300mg/L,analog sensor with digital RS485 module.
F-F-, 0-2300mg/L,analog sensor with digital RS485 module.
K+K+, 0-2300mg/L,analog sensor with digital RS485 module.
Ca2+Ca2+, 0-2300mg/L,analog sensor with digital RS485 module.


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Introduction of MPG-6099 Multi-parameters Water Quality Meter

1) The MPG-6099 multiparameter water quality meter is new generation water quality analyzer developed by EIT Solutions.
2) It can be designed to measure different water quality parameters as customers need,
3) such as pH,ORP,Dissolved oxygen,Turbidity,TSS(MLSS),COD,Ammonia nitrogen(NH3-N),BOD,Color,Hardness,Conductivity,Ammonium(NH4+),Nitrate(NO3-),(NO3-N) etc.


Technical Features of Multi-parameters Water Quality Meter

1)Real-time water quality measurement.
2)All water quality sensor is RS485 Modbus ensure precision to collect data.
3)Easy operation,all operation will will in one touch screen.
4)Datalogger function,all measured data will be recorded.
5)Download,MPG-6099 multi-parameters water quality meter is with USB interface, user can download report by excel type.
6)Wireless function for operation,users only need insert local SIM card,then they can check all data on mobile App or website.

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Company Information

EIT SOLUTIONS is the biggest factory for Water Analyzer Instrument in Shanghai City China. We build the first High Temp Laboratory in China.and produce more than 100 000 sensors and instruments every year.
EIT mainly products includes
Online PH Meter/ORP/pH sensor
Industrial Conductivity meter/sensor
Online Acid/Alkali meter/sensor
Online Dissolved oxygen meter/sensor
Online Turbidity meter/sensor
Online Residual/total chlorine meter/sensor
Online Ion meter/sensor
Online COD/BOD/Heavy metals meter
Flow Meter/Level meter/pressure sensor








Q:Could I visit your factory?
A:Welcome!Our factories are located in Shanghai,China
Q:Tell me about your quality control?
A:Our company owns two factories,12 years' experience in this industry.It is quality and service keeping us stand still.Our QC team check and examine every single instrument strictly before shipping.
Q:How is the price?
A:As we believe the quality is the most important,we will provide the best quality with moderate price.
Q:Could you provide me the shortest lead time?
A:We have inventory for standard models.Please tell me your detailed requirements,we will send to you as early as we can.
Q:How soon can you arrange the production?
A:Once getting your product confirmation and receiving your payment,we will arrange the production immediately.
Q:What is the warranty for your product?
A:Warranty:1 years;Lifetime maintenance.

Send inquiry will get  $5 coupon if the top ten inquires everyday. 

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